Coconut Oil Madness!

I’ve fallen off the bandwagon with clean eating – hard. I’m trying to get back into it. I went grocery shopping the other day and made some really good, clean food choices. One of the things that I bought at my local organic grocery store was coconut oil.


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I’ve heard a lot of really positive things about coconut oil lately. I think the first thing I read about it I found from Pinterest, and then I read a very funny blog post from one of my favorite internet ladies, Jenna Marbles, about how magical coconut oil is. I think the actual words she used were, “Imagine if Jesus and Lady Gaga made a MAC Viva Glam product out of pure unicorn blood and then Ghandi blessed it after it was filtered through a rainbow of infant tears on top of Mount Everest and it dropped down from the sky to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean where a narwhal incubated it to it’s maturity and sold it Johnny Appleseed where he planted it on the holy grounds of Jerusalem and it sprouted into a glitter explosion of pure amazingness.” (source:

Coconut oil has a plethora of uses for beauty, health, cosmetic, cleaning, cooking, and a lot more. A good place to start with information on coconut oil is this post, 160 Uses For Coconut Oil.
Once I got my coconut oil I was eager to try it. The first thing I did with it was smell it. Not surprisingly, it smells amazing because it’s coconut oil. It smells like coconuts. Are you shocked? Most of the things I’ve read about coconut oil suggest ingesting it. One of the Pinterest sites advised “eating a heaping tablespoon for a natural burst of energy”. So the other night as I was cooking my chili, I dug a spoon in and collected some of the magical coconut oil. I shoved it in my mouth., and then I almost vomited in my kitchen sink.
It doesn’t taste bad. It pretty much tastes like nothing, with a hint of coconut. Wrap your brain around THAT one. What’s nasty is the consistency. When the oil isn’t heated, it actually clumps together but is also coated in oil. So eating a spoonful of coconut oil is like swallowing a big, greasy lump of slightly coconut-flavored slippery gunk. Note to self: buy some ingredients to make a smoothie and use coconut oil in said smoothie. Blech. It’s a lot more tolerable when you put it in a cup of hot tea.

Nellie just happened to have a diaper rash the night I bought the coconut oil, so I rubbed some on her butt and I’m not kidding you: the next morning the rash was GONE. And it was a pretty nasty rash. I was way impressed, even if she screamed and ran away from my coconut oil-covered hands because she didn’t want them touching her. What does she know? She’s a toddler.

In a spontaneous and way crunchy/hippie move, I also decided to try it as a deodorant. I rubbed some coconut oil under my armpits.  It works pretty well – I’m no more stinky by the end of the day than I usually am with normal deodorant. I am planning on trying out a homemade recipe though. I sometimes think I am a San Franciso-living 1960’s hippie trapped in a 21st century body. Except that I really like the internet and would be sad if I didn’t have an iPhone. That’s not very hippie of me, is it?

I’ve also started using coconut oil as a method of washing my skin – for a few days, I’ve been exclusively utilizing the “oil-cleansing method”. I know the thought of rubbing oil on your face probably has you cringing with visions of pimples dancing in your head. But contrary to popular believe, pimples and acne aren’t caused by oil but by a number of factors including bacteria, hormones, buildup of dead skin cells and several other things that will clog your pores with impurities. Basically, the oil-cleansing method is a natural way to restore the balance of natural oils to your face, while still cleansing your skin. You use castor oil and another oil of your choice. A lot of people use olive oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, etc. I decided to give the coconut oil a try. The castor oil draws out impurities from your pores and the oil of your choice adds natural, healthy oils back to your skin. You can read a more in-depth description of how to do the OCM here.

I’ve been doing the OCM for a little less than a week – I really like the way my skin feels. I only do it at night and in the morning, I splash my face with a little cold water and use just a dab of coconut oil if my skin feels a bit tight. I have noticed that my pores are purging a little and I do have some blemishes – which is to be expected.
I’m going to do the OCM with the coconut oil for another week or so before I make up my mind totally – if my skin doesn’t clear within 1-2 weeks I will probably switch to castor and olive oil. I think that the method is wonderful, but from what I’ve read from other people who do the OCM is that it sometimes takes a little while to find the perfect oil combination for your skin.

Will the OCM work for my skin (who, we’ve already established is a stupid asshole) or will I break out like a screaming, frothing Justin Bieber fan? Will ingesting it give me superhuman flying/jumping/x-ray vision powers? Stay tuned to find out.