Monica Meade Photography Photo Shoot

A few weekends ago, Nellie and I had the pleasure of being photographed by a local photographer, Monica Meade. We headed out to a local park and had a blast taking pictures. Nellie was kind of difficult about posing for pictures, so instead we decided to just kind of let her do her own thing and take photos that way. It’s kind of like taking pictures of a wild animal in its habitat.

Those are just a few of the fruits of Monica’s labor chasing Nellie around. She was awesome to work with – she even surprised Nellie with a few sunflowers for her to carry around. Nellie still talks about “kee-king peek-tures” with her “sunfowers” and “frowing wocks in water” (for those of you who don’t speak toddler, that’s “taking pictures with her sunflowers and throwing rocks in the water”).

Check out Monica’s blog and Facebook page, where you can see more of the photos from the shoot. She’s also got an ad on the sidebar of the blog here. For anyone in the Chattanooga area, I would highly recommend setting up a session with Monica. She’s offering specials right now – her prices won’t last long so take advantage now!