Ten Great iPhone Apps For Toddlers

I like technology. A lot. I think it’s nifty. Some may say that I’m addicted to it. To which I say – MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS I CAN QUIT ANYTIME I WANT TO.

Ahem. This post isn’t about my obsession healthy love for all things tech. This post is about my favorite iPhone apps for my toddler.

Yes, I let my daughter play with my phone. I didn’t until I got an OtterBox, because iPhones are super fragile. What’s up with that? Hundreds of dollars worth of technology, and you sneeze at it wrong and it shatters. You’d think they’d be able to come up with something a little more sturdy. YOU HEAR ME, APPLE? While you’re at it, LONGER PLUG-IN CORDS. SERIOUSLY.

…. Anyway. Back to my favorite toddler apps. I do let my 2 ½ year old play with apps I’ve downloaded just for her. It keeps her busy at restaurants while we’re waiting, keeps her engaged when I need to cook or do something that doesn’t involve her pulling at my leg and trying to climb up me like I’m a tree, and other things of that nature. I love that not only are these apps fun, but most are also educational. Without further ado, here are Ten Great iPhone Apps for Toddlers.

iPhone apps for toddlers

10. Wee Sing & Learn ABC ($2.99) -This app teaches toddlers a multitude of things: Letters of the alphabet, animal names and the sounds they make, and various musical instruments. My toddler loves this app. It drives me a little insane, but it keeps her interested.
9. Animals for Tots ($.99) – This one comes with one set of animals (Forest) with the option to purchase another pack (Farm) for $.99. This one lets kids touch various animals, learn what they look and sound like, and what noises they make.
8. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Animal Sounds (FREE) – One of the first apps I ever downloaded for my child, this one has cute little animals that make noise when you touch them. You can also shake the phone and they will wiggle and laugh. This app includes a few cute little songs that are surprisingly non-irritating.
7. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Shapes and Colors (FREE) – Another one by Fisher Price, this one teaches toddlers colors and shapes. There are two levels; one where your child can play with shapes, shake the phone and make them bounce all over the screen and another where they can play a little keyboard with a song that goes with each shape.
6. Grasshopper Apps Little Reader Four Letter Words ($.99) – This app features nothing but four letter words, and pictures that correspond with them. Your child can learn to identify and recognize basic, four-letter words by dragging the picture to the correct word. As your child increases the number of times they match the pictures with the word correctly, the level increases by giving more picture/word options to choose from.
5. Parents Flash Cards (FREE) – This one helps teach colors, shapes, letters, and numbers with various levels including flash cards, and games where children have to identify colors, shapes, letters and numbers.
4. Kindergarten.com’s Alphabet Flash Cards ($.99) – This app teaches letters and corresponding items that begin with that letter. It also teaches adjectives by adding in descriptors to each item: “A: An apple is an awesome fruit.” I have already noticed this one increasing my child’s vocabulary; the other day she informed me that “a butterfly is a beautiful insect”. And then my head fell off from surprise.
3. Grasshopper Apps Farm Animals (FREE) – This one helps identify animals. When your child begins, they will see a few different animals. The voice will prompt them to “touch the sheepdog”. When your child identifies the correct animal, it will chime and give encouragement. The longer your child plays, the more complex it gets: adding more animals and making the pictures smaller.
2. Kindergarten.com’s ABA Receptive Identification by Class ($1.99) – This one is a new favorite. This app helps strengthen your child’s receptive vocabulary skills by having them identify objects, but here’s the catch: it doesn’t ask your child to “touch the potty” or “show me the cat”. Instead, it will implore your child to “touch the bathroom item” or “show me the pet”. If your child touches the incorrect item, the app will correct them by saying, “a blender is an appliance. Touch the bathroom item.”
1. Teach Me Toddler ($.99) – This app tackles numbers, letters, shapes, colors, counting, and ABC Phonics. It tracks your child’s progress as they learn and get questions correct. For each time your child gets an answer a category correct on the first try, they get a check mark. Once they earn 3 check marks, they earn a “sticker” that they can then put in a digital sticker book. The sticker books come with lots of different scenerios and corresponding items: beach, ocean, city, playground, etc. This is my child’s favorite app and the one she asks for most, and since she’s been playing it I have noticed a significant increase in her ability to point out colors, numbers, and letters. She calls this one her “Mousie Game”.

I got almost all of these apps (even the one that cost money) for free. I highly recommend you download the AppsGoneFree application – it lists apps that have temporarily gone free once a day. I’ve gotten a lot of really great apps for free thanks to this. Kindergarten.com also has a LOT of other great educational apps that I haven’t downloaded yet, but probably will. They are worth the money that they cost – trust me.

What are some of your favorite apps for your children?

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