Five Awesome FREE iPhone Apps: Shopping

I enjoyed writing my last iPhone post about apps for toddlers. I’m a relatively new iPhone user, but I’m a quick learner and am pretty much tethered to my iPhone 24/7. My husband calls it “Husband #1”.

Today, I’d like to share with you five apps for shopping/buying stuff. If you don’t get these apps, there’s a 95% chance that your life is going to be miserable, nothing good will happen to you ever, you will probably get some random horrible thing almost no one has ever heard of like the bends, and you will cry yourself to sleep at night until you download these apps.

5. Target (FREE) – This is pretty self-explanatory. I love Target, you probably love Target. You can shop around online, price-compare, and even order your products from your iPhone. Super easy.
4. GasBuddy (FREE) – So say you’re traveling in a city with which you are not familiar. You need to put gas in your car. Instead of wandering around and wasting more gas only to settle on the first station you find, simply start up this app and it will find you nearby gas stations with the current price they charge. Not only that, but it will navigate you there. Super convenient when you’re traveling.
3. Amazon (FREE) – I actually used this app a LOT during Christmastime. I bought several of Nellie’s presents with the Amazon app when I saw something that caught my eye. You don’t have to put in your payment & shipping information each time, either – you can save it for easy & quick future purchases. It also has a feature that you can price compare; if you’re in a store and want to know if you can get it cheaper via Amazon, simply scan the barcode and it’ll bring up the item if it’s got it in the database. Woot!
2. Starbucks (FREE) – I didn’t think I’d use this app at all when I first got it, but I actually use it at least once a week. When you buy a gift card, you register it on this app. You can then pay at Starbucks with your phone – you just hold it up and scan it and you’re done. You earn rewards for each cup you buy and when you get to a certain number (30 I think) you get a free cup! You can reload your gift card right on your phone, which is really easy. I don’t ever take my purse in to Starbucks with me anymore; I just hold up my phone, scan it and I’m out the door.
1. Grocery IQ (FREE) – I use this every. single. week. I use it to plan my grocery trips, to budget, and as a digital list while I’m in the store. I’ve used a few different grocery apps and this one is my favorite. You can separate your lists by store (I shop at multiple places in one trip). I have a bad habit of forgetting something in the produce section once I’ve reached the back of the store but this app keeps everything grouped together in categories for me, so it helps immensely with that. My favorite feature is that you can add the price to the item, so it gives you an “at-a-glance” idea of how much you will spend, how much you are spending, etc. Once you add an item to your list you can “favorite” it, so it’s super easy to add it to your next list if it’s a recurring item like milk, eggs, bread, etc.

I hope this helped you find some great new iPhone apps to download and try. The best part is that they are free!

What are some of your favorite shopping-related iPhone/iPad apps?