Analyze This

I love Google Analytics. It’s an extremely useful tool for any blogger. It’s great for tracking your traffic, getting insight into your reader demographics, and finding out where your hits are coming from.

It’s also a great source of amusement – for me, anyway. You see, one of the ways to track your incoming traffic is by seeing what terms people are plugging into search engines to find your little corner of the interwebs. For me, my search traffic terms have always been as random as I am. I was sharing some of this month’s gems with a group of blogging ladies when my hilarious and brilliant friend, Veronica, said that I should do a link-up so others could share their funny findings from Google Analytics. So, my friends, here are some of my favorite ways folks have found my blog this month. At the end of this post, you will find a linky so that you too can participate in the WTF fun by linking up your funny search posts. Here we go, in no particular order:

  • “Is it normal if my butt grumbles?” – Um. If you have a bear living in it.
  • “Llama sitting on the toilet reading paper” – And throwing pasta, and flinging juice, because he’s an ASSHOLE
  • “Mmm argh mmm argh Michael Franti” – I think zombies are after you, Michael Franti. RUN!
  • “Queen pee pee from where’s my damn toilet?” – Queen Pee Pee: The most unpopular Queen EVER
  • “DiCaprio Titanic hair” – You ROCK that late 90s hair. ROCK IT
  • “Get the weird kid to like you” – Carry Star Wars trading cards and warm gummy bears in your pocket.
  • “I have a shestache and I don’t want to wax or shave it” – Enjoy your loneliness, my friend.
  • “Your kid talking like a loud parrot isn’t cute” – FUCK YOU YES IT –  okay you’re right, that’s not cute at all.
  • “Crazy black man” – FINALLY someone who understands me.

There you have it, folks. I think that these search terms are a true testament to me and my blog and the entire WTF? nature that is my brain and the content is produces. My personal favorites are “crazy black man” and “mmm argh mmm argh michael franti”. Because… What?

Now it’s YOUR turn. Link up your Analyze This post below. The linky will be open for about a week, so tell your friends, share the button, and let’s see who can come up with their funniest, most WTF? search terms!

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