The GED Test

It’s been awhile since my last GED update post. In that post, I mentioned how the Fast Track class went (spoiler: it went fine except I have the math skills of a fifth grader. NOT KIDDING.).

The next step after Fast Track was the Official Practice Test. It was around four hours long, which sucked. I got lucky and instead of having to take the test the old-fashioned way (book and paper, filling in those goddamned little bubbles), I got to take it on a computer. Instead of having to take the same part of the test as everyone else, I was free to pick the order in which I completed each part. I wasn’t restricted by time; if I finished a certain section earlier than the time allotted, I could go ahead and move on to the next section instead of having to wait. It was pretty great.

Anyway. I did one part of the English sections first. I was going to save math for last because I was dreading it so much, but I decided to go ahead and get it out of the way while my brain was still relatively fresh and un-fried from test-taking.

Turns out that was a good idea, because by the time I got to the last test I was just like BE DONE BE DONE MY BRAIN IS BURNING.

Four hours of testing will do that to you.

I got my results that day. In order to qualify to take the official GED test, I had to score a minimum of 610 points in each section. I got a perfect score in my essay writing, high scores in everything else, and as for the math?

I got a 670. A whole 60 points higher than the minimum score requirement! I was honestly floored. And ecstatic. I had passed! Not only had I passed, but I passed the math by a relatively decent amount!

I got all my paperwork together to register for the test and was on my way to the local community college to secure my spot.

Tomorrow, I go for my official GED test. It’s an eight hour test, and I’m really nervous about it. I’m not worried about any other part of the test but the math. It’s been a few weeks since I took my practice test, and I really hope that everything I crammed inside my brain has stuck around for the real test. I was going to use my few weeks to study, but I never ended up doing that. Whoops. If worst comes to worst, I’ll fail the math and have to re-take that part only. Best case scenario? I pass, and will be able to enroll in college in the Spring.

Wish me luck, friends. Tomorrow I take a big step into my future!



  1. Yay! I’m glad your practice test went well : ) Good luck on the 8 hour test, it sounds like you are well prepared!!
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  2. Good Luck to you! I bet you’ll do great!

  3. Good luck! You are totally going to rock this test!
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