Let’s Talk About Sex {Toys} Bay-Bee.


DISCLAIMER: This post contains sex-related words and an infographic about sex toys. If you are shy, squeamish, or a little reserved in that area, it won’t offend me if you cruise past this post.  If not, come learn about vibrators! Thanks!

My blog is no stranger to – ahem – “adult” content. It has been a while since I’ve posted anything sex-related, though I used to have a regular feature on my blog called “Frisky Friday”.

I’ve got a couple adult-themed posts in the works (including a product review, and hopefully a review of a real-life Fifty Shades of Grey story!), so I thought I’d kick off the posts with a fun little infographic about sex toys from Adam & Eve. I found these facts pretty interesting. I’ve never shied away from toys myself, and have often considered them a fun way to introduce something new into the bedroom. I’ve also been a huge believer that every woman, at some point in her life, NEEDS to own one. Seriously!

Adam and Eve sex toys infographic

By Adameve.com – Scandalous facts you didn’t know about sex toys

Have any thoughts? Did some of these facts surprise you? Do you live in one of the states that use sex toys the most??

Disclosure: This post is supported and brought to you by Adam & Eve – though I really do encourage the use of vibrators!