Current Music Obsessions {Fall 2012 Edition}

It’s been a while since my last music post. I thought I’d share a few of the songs/artists I’m currently digging as the seasons shift.

Black Prairie, “How Do You Ruin Me?”

I got this song as a free download from my Starbucks app – which, by the way, you need in your life NOW if you don’t have it already – and was incredibly surprised at how much I loved it. The track is called “How Do You Ruin Me”, and it has such a unique and funky sound I just fell in love. Not to mention awesome harmonies.

Fun., “Some Nights”

This next song is one you have probably heard on the radio. Fun. burst into the Top 40 scene with their song “We Are Young”. It was catchy but got on my nerves quickly so I kind of wrote them off until I heard another track of theirs called “Some Nights”. It quickly became one of my guilty pleasures and made its way into my iTunes library, but then a friend of mine sent me a link to this video, which is a cover by the group Walk Off the Earth. I posted their cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” a few months ago and just like it, this cover threatens to be better than the original. The guest singer that’s with them, Julia Nunes? Her voice is like BUTTAH.

Old Crow Medicine Show, “Wagon Wheel”

OCMS is bluegrass/country/folk…. It’s an interesting blend. I caught this track from Pandora and loved it so much, I bought it. I have listened to some more of OCMS’s music and haven’t absolutely loved it, but this track? I love to crank it up and sing along at the top of my lungs.

The Avett Brothers, “Matrimony”

The Avett Brothers is another band that I’m not 100% fangirl on yet. I love some of their tracks, and others just kind of run together in sound for me. I think they’ll end up being a band I pepper into my iTunes for some variety when I pick out the songs I like. This track, Matrimony, is another one I love to blare and jam out to in my car.

Mumford & Sons (EVERYTHING, but really this one is), “Hopeless Wanderer”

Last but not least is Mumford & Sons – a band I’ve mentioned here before. Their newest album, Babel, just came out at the end of September and since it did I have been listening to it pretty much nonstop. The songs on this album give me chills, take me to another place, and generally make me music geek out. I like Babel more than their previous album, Sigh No More, and have a hard time picking out my favorite track. But if I had to choose, it would be this one – Hopeless Wanderer.

Those are some of the tracks that I’m listening to this fall. What are your current music obessions?


  1. Yay for a music post! 2 things

    1) Are you on Spotify?? If you are I need to subscribe your playlists…including this one.
    2) Cool thing about Old Crow Medicine Show is that they’re kinda local. The standup bass player went to Baylor :)
    _emily_rose recently posted..(Re)Discover Chattanooga – River Rocks

    • I am on Spotify – but I’m very new so I don’t have much on there. I’m still kind of playing around with making different playlists. And I had no idea about the bass player about OCMS. That is too cool!!

  2. I love Mumford and Sons. I’ve also fallen in love with the soundtrack from Vampire Diaries – SO Stereo, Athlete (Wires), Goldfrapp (Obsession), Hammock. Good stuff.

  3. Wow I have to say I’ve not heard of ANY of these bands! Shows how much I get to listen to any music these days lol! Thanks for exposing me to artists that are new to me.
    Sarah @ OneStarryNight recently posted..Nurture Photography Fall Challenge – Yellow / Light

  4. um…that’s great dear. I dont listen to music made by white people unless its from before 1999. Okay maybe 2005. but that’s it. but good for you pal. being all cool and shit. nice!
    Veronica recently posted..Link love and a little pimping.

  5. Oo, thanks Laura! I’m glad you’re tuned into TX music. I took your remomcendation on Quiet Company and Wild Moccasins and I’m glad I did. I hope The Oh Hello’s play a show in Austin soon. Also, not a TX band but you might like He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister (if you’re not familiar already!).

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