This is Halloween

Nellie’s first Halloween wasn’t very interesting. She was 9 months old, I meant to put her in something cute that showed off how adorable and “baby” she was but it turns out I’m kind of a procrastinator and that never happened. We did have a super cute Halloween-themed photo shoot with her though, which kind of made up for the lack of 1st Halloween costume.

Last year, we decided Nellie told us she wanted to be Spider-Man. It was adorable, except sometimes the costume made her cry.

We’ve been asking Nellie for a few weeks what she wanted to be for Halloween. Her usual response was, “NUFFIN. I DON’T WANT TO BE ANYFING FOR HA-WEEN.”


This past weekend, we finally decided to just take her to the Halloween store and tell her to pick something out. Normally she says she doesn’t want to do things, but really she does, she just doesn’t know it yet. She ends up having a great time and liking whatever we’re doing even though she’s whining and insisting she just wants to stay home and eat popcorn while watching The Land Before Time Pt. Ninety.

So we took her to the store and led her to the toddler costumes. She perused several options, the first of which was a Rapunzel costume that cost approximately $50.00 and was made of like, a plastic bag spray-painted purple and pink. She then proceeded to spaz out completely and pluck every princess-related item from the hooks on the wall. She grabbed a Princess Aurora tiara and stuck it on her head backwards. Then a helpful clerk (and by helpful I mean “doesn’t have children and doesn’t understand the concept of ‘DON’T WANT TO PAY TEN DOLLARS PER ACCESSORY WE ALREADY PAY MORE IN DAYCARE THAN WE PAY IN RENT'”. Okay that’s not fair. The girl was really nice. And she had blue hair and amazing shoes and I pretty much envied her skin and fashion. Did I mention I’ve been drinking while writing this post?) informed us that they also had wands. So Nellie grabbed an Aurora tiara and wand, then pointed at a Rapunzel wig, and then an Ariel costume. So we had decided that she would be like, a Fraken-Disney-Princess which is various Disney items patched together to make a brand new princess.

We managed to pull her away from the princesses to browse other costumes. Along the way she decided she wanted to be:

  • A purple cat
  • A cat with a fuzzy jumpsuit that looked like it belonged in 1973
  • A “Baterina” – which is a ballerina and a bat, I guess, which makes NO SENSE because bats are nocturnal warm-blooded mammals, and ballerinas are Natalie Portman.
  • Buddy from the Dinosaur Train
  • Iron Man
  • A fire fighter

We finally convinced her to settle on a cute purple butterfly:

Fox not included.

Pretty cute, I wanted her to be an adorable stripey cat but she wanted nothing to do with the ears and tail so whatever. She’s been wearing this costume all weekend and now her wings are all bent and crooked like a fairy that went on a weekend-long bender.

Happy Halloween!


  1. We did the butterfly last year also this year we are going to do the adams family lol. She is too cute

  2. Aww that is really cute. Kids + Halloween = annoying. They never want to be what I want them to be like Sir Isaac Newton or Elizabeth I. Dorks.
    Veronica recently posted..Link love and a little pimping.

  3. I love it! Very cute.

    Ava wanted to be a red and purple monster. Thankfully my mediation skills came in handy and I was able to change purple to black and monster to ladybug. Cute ladybug costume coming up!
    B recently posted..Ava’s First (and Second!) Day of School!

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