Dragons, Christmas, and American Horror Story

Good morning! It’s been a while since my last update where, in a Benadryl-induced half-stupor, I blogged about a dragon living in my throat.

I am happy to say that the dragon has been slain. A few days after I wrote that post I bit the bullet and went to a walk-in clinic, where they diagnosed me with a virus and an ear infection. They gave me antibiotics and sent me home. I am now at the tail end of my antibiotics and can safely say I never want to take them ever again. They’ve upset my stomach and made me nauseous for almost ten days straight. EFF. THAT.

What else is new? Nellie’s feeling much better, though she’s congested again. I’ve been trying to stay on top of it by keeping her on a decongestant. I hate to do that because I’m not thrilled with the idea of drugging her all the time, but I’m afraid if the mucous builds back up she’ll end up with another ear infection. INNER TURMOIL.

So Thanksgiving is next week, which blows my mind. It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again. I’ve been having a lot of mixed feelings about the upcoming holiday season. Considering what a hot mess last Christmas was, I am anxious about what sort of feelings and memories the sights and sounds of the holidays will bring back. In case you’re a relatively new reader, last Christmas my mother was admitted to the hospital on the 22nd of December. We had to admit her to hospice on Christmas Day. She was dead by the 28th. I had a very conflicted and tumultuous relationship with her, which made the whole thing very difficult to process. You can read my experiences from that week by clicking on “In Her Time of Dying” on the top bar of my blog, if you’re interested.

So that’s what’s been going on with us lately. Oh! I forgot to mention that Josh and I have become COMPLETELY obsessed with the first season of the show American Horror Story. It’s amazing and terrifying and creepy and WATCH IT NOW, is basically what I am saying.

That’s all for now. Happy Hump Day!


  1. Gah. I can’t believe it’s already been almost a year. It will be different this year for sure. Hang in there pal.
    Candice recently posted..my Christmas wish list

  2. I’m still in amazement that it’s almost thanksgiving. I’m.not.ready.
    LaShawn recently posted..Randoms on a Thursday….

  3. We loved loved loved the first season of American Horror Story!! We are watching the second season now and we aren’t super impressed.

    Lacey @ And They Call Me Mommy
    Lacey recently posted..Birthday Boy

  4. Just catching up on all your posts and I’m glad you’re feeling better. Don’t feel bad about not wanting to drug Nellie up and doing it anyways. Whatever it takes to keep her from getting sicker, right?
    Anyways, glad you’re feeling better!
    Preshus Me recently posted..Date Night, Skyfall, and a Giant Burrito

  5. A good many vaelabuls you’ve given me.

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