This Post Brought to You By Vodka.

Okay. So. I have a few things I would like to talk about. It’s no secret that I draw my inspiration for blogging from real life, conversations I have with my friends who live in the computer, my best friend oh – AND VODKA.

Tonight is a diet cheat night. Because I’m kicking ass with my fitness and weight loss. I’ve lost 7 pounds so far. I joined a gym. I’m fucking serious about this zombie race, y’all. I’m actually training for it. It’s happening. Where was I? Oh yeah, things.

So one of the things on my Twenties Bucket List is to go to a live concert. WELL, my friends. WELL. It just so happens that the Avett Brothers are playing with Old Crow Medicine Show in May. These are two bands that I’m pretty newly acquainted with. I want to go to this show. But I’m afraid to, because I’m really kind of holding out hope that Mumford & Sons or Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros will tour this year. But I don’t KNOW that they will, because Mumford & Sons have been in the damn UK FOREVER.

Anyway. It’s like fate is handing me one of my list items on a silver platter and saying, “Here you go! Come to this hippie show. You will love it.”

I had something else to say, but then forgot. Oh yeah!

I’ve been thinking about re-branding the blog. I’ve been Mommy Boots for almost three years now and I wonder if it’s time for a change. I worry that I get thrown into a certain category because my blog has “Mommy” in the title. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a “mom blog” but let’s face it. That term is kind of heinous and condescending and also, I don’t really fit into the “mom blog” niche. I talk about vodka and say fuck all the time. So what the hell would I re-brand myself as, anyway? “Mom Who Says Fuck and Likes Vodka”? That kind of has a ring to it. Would you all still read and love me if I re-branded? What if I re-branded as a velociraptor, or a komodo dragon? Because those two things are mean.

This post has no point. At all.