Twenties Bucket List

For my birthday, my best friend gave me a number of really cool and funny things. She gave me a Starbucks gift card, a funny calendar featuring goats in trees (best ever, right?), some scented wax that smells like cupcakes (“so the calories don’t ruin your diet”) and a card with some wonderfully sentimental things written inside.

One of the things she wrote was how we should do lots of fun things this year and then throw a big party for the big 3-0. I wonder if she knew she’d make me cry with her card (the sweet things she said, not the fact that she mentioned me turning 30) but I’m almost positive she didn’t know that she’d inspire me to create what I’m calling  my “Twenties Bucket List” – a list of things I want to do before my twenties kick the bucket and become my 30s.

It’s probably going to be a list in progress, because I keep thinking of random and silly things to put on it. I don’t think the #1 item will change, however. Here is the list as it stands now in no particular order except for item #1:

  • Take a winery tour.
  • Attend Wine Over Water (not everything on this list is wine-related. Promise).
  • Lose 40 pounds (this one’s already in progress!).
  • Begin writing a book.
  • Take 1 photo a day and make a “memory yearbook” at the end of the year.
  • Begin saving for a family Disney trip.
  • Take a weekend road trip with the family.
  • Meet some of my blog friends in person (FINALLY).
  • See a live concert (preferably Mumford & Sons or Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros).
  • Do something completely different with my hair.

And the #1 thing on my list is…

Train for and run a 5k.

Specifically, the Run For Your Lives Zombie-Infested 5k Obstacle Course Race in September. What’s that? Check out the video below for epic awesomeness.

I mean seriously. How freaking cool does that look? I just can’t decide if I want to be a zombie or a racer. Obviously it’s going to take me more than just training in running – that shit looks serious. I’m going to have to be in good shape before tackling that but I have plenty of time since the run isn’t until September.

That’s my Twenties Bucket List so far. I’m determined to make the last year before 30 awesome.

Have any suggestions of things I could add to my list? Add them in the comments!




  1. I love it! Wine Over Water is a must. I’ve gone the past two years and really enjoyed it! For a wine tour I’ve only done one, The Biltmore, but it was fun and Ashville is a great weekend road trip.

    Cheers to a new year, and hopefully some weight loss!!
    _emily_rose recently recap

  2. running the 5K is on my list, so saving for Disney ( for next year) and I’m doing a 365 project now. I’m on week 2!
    It’s a great list!
    LaShawn recently posted..365 Week 2

  3. I’ve heard about the Zombie 5ks and they do look fun! I have to admit to something stupid — when you said you were wanting to run one in September, I clicked the website link to see where the September race was. All the races are in 2013 and I was thinking to myself “huh, these are all next year. I wonder where the 2012 event list is.” DOH!

    I have started a Couch to 5K program this week. I really want to do the Color Me Rad in March in Chattanooga, but I don’t know if I’l lbe in good enough shape by then to run the whole thing. So I’m planning to run part and walk when I have to. But by the end of the year I want to be able to run a whole 5k. Would you be interested in run/walking the Color Me Rad this spring?

  4. LOVE IT! Can I be on your list of bloggy friends to meet in real life? :)
    I am right there with you, trying to lose a few lbs. We’re putting our disney dream into action and going in October – but we’ve been saving a long time for it! I actually just read an article about how travel agents can save you $ when you’re booking a disney trip (but they have to specialize in Disney or they don’t know squat). Of course this information was presented to me a week after we booked our trip. Anyway – the blog is called The Affordable Mouse if you’re interested. I’m going to the gym and trying to get in good shape because I want to feel great at Disney and not be exhausted 8 minutes into our days at the parks (and for other reasons too of course!). Good luck on your bucket list!
    Candice recently posted..cute things

  5. That 5k looks AWESOME!! Dooo iiiit! It would be hard to decide if you want to be a zombie or not! I think getting chased by them would be pretty darn fun, though!

  6. The zombie run is a must!!!!

    I’m planning three runs this year – Color Me Rad, Chickamauga Chase, and this Zombie run. Oh, and there’s the Mud Run in August, it’s like the Run For Life but without the zombies.

    Great list, I hope you get it all completed before your next birthday!
    Toni recently posted..Mamavation Monday: Sweet Tea and Lavender

  7. I want to do Run for Your Lives too! We should motivate each other!
    Laura recently posted..Finding your Chris Hemsworth of words and declaring it your imperfect year

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  1. […] first wrote about Run For Your Lives back in January when I made it part of my list of things to do before my twenties expire and my thirties begin. […]

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