Work, Tabata, ALL THE BURPEES.

Well, it’s me. Here I am, at my sad, lonely, little blog. I’m not even sure that anyone reads this anymore. I feel kind of bad for neglecting it so, but life has been busy.

I’ve been at my new job for about six weeks now, and I love it. I am challenged nearly every day and I am part of an awesome team of smart, dedicated, and hard-working people who make me want to push myself to do the best job that I possibly can. The management team is encouraging, positive, and are just generally awesome.

I’ve also started taking advantage of my company’s gym and more specifically, the afternoon workout class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I’m still not back to running since hurting myself at Run For Your Lives so I decided to jump into the class to get some cardio in. I figured it’d be easy; I had been watching them from afar for a little while and I figured I’d jump right in and be fine.

Oh my god. I was so wrong. Mondays are weight training days so for the first time in my life, I’m doing bench presses, squats with weights, rows, dips, and dead lifts. Wednesdays and Fridays are Tabata days, and I’m fairly certain that Tabata stands for “TORTURE ABSOLUTE BALLS ASS TORTURE ALWAYS”. Every Tabata session starts with 4 minutes of 20 second jump rope intervals, which I thought would be easy but again: WRONG WRONG WRONGY WRONG. It’s so hard. After jump rope we do sets of random, horrible exercises designed to light our muscles on fire and make us consider either suicide or homicide. Today we did an exercise called “Roxanne”, to which the other members of the group were like AHHHH SHIT NO NOT ROXANNE and I was like “What’s so bad about Roxanne?”

Let me tell you what’s so bad about Roxanne. The song “Roxanne” is played and you do jumping jacks the whole time, except for when they sing the word “Roxanne”, and then when they do that, you do a burpee. In case you don’t know what a burpee is, check this out. I am fairly certain that the exercise was created by Satan himself to punish everyone forever.

Anyway, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY TIMES THAT ASSHOLE SAYS “ROXANNE” DURING THE COURSE OF THAT SONG? I just Googled it and got conflicting answers but the general consensus is between 26-29 times. SO MANY BURPEES. Seriously, listen to the song and imagine doing burpees every time they say “Roxanne”. Or instead of imagining; do it. It’s harder than you’d think. Toward the end of the song, I pretty much just put myself on the ground and stayed there until it was over.

That’s how life has been recently work-wise. Long story short, it’s been amazing. I’m struggling to get these last 20-25 pounds off and am stuck at a 27 pound total weight loss. Hopefully these “Roxanne”s and “squat circle”s and “Satan burpees” will help me lose this last chunk of weight and get more fit overall.

Writing for is taking up most of my writing time and creative energy. I haven’t been investing as much as I was in the beginning, and it’s showing in my work. My last columns have been kinda “meh”, but hopefully I’ll be able to change that. I’m still freelancing, and have actually been doing some printed copywriting which is really awesome. It’s just little pieces of copy here and there, but there is something thrilling about reading something that I wrote. That came from me; from my mind. It’s pretty amazing.

I was also interviewed for a story on about my experience with Run For Your Lives. Also awesome and thrilling.

I think this might be the most boring blog post of all time, so if you are still reading it, thank you. Thanks for sticking around and listening to my rambling.

Mumford & Sons, New Jobs, ZOMBIES.

So time has completely gotten away from me. The last month has been pretty hectic. My freelance writing has kind of blown up (I have another column I’m writing for, plus some side projects), I started a new job this week and, oh yeah,


My friend Stephanie and I headed down to Atlanta in the early afternoon. The concert was at Centennial Olympic Park, and we managed to find an open lot RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET. We parked and decided to walk to Vortex to get a bit to eat. It was about 2 miles one way and let me tell you, the burger was worth the 4 mile walk. SO GOOD. After lunch, we headed back to the park to see a line had already formed to get in. Crap! It wasn’t too bad, and we were pretty confident we’d still get good spots. We did.


Oh my God, y’all. It was more amazing than I can explain. Each song was amazing. They played “Dust Bowl Dance”, where Marcus Mumford played the drums and near the end of the song, he just lost his damn mind and threw his drumsticks away and kicked the whole drumset over before going to the front of the stage and finishing the song. It was so freaking cool, I just started screaming like a crazy person. One of the highlights of the show (aside from “Timshel”, “I Will Wait”, “Lover’s Eyes”, and their finale, “The Cave”… Okay so pretty much the whole damn thing) was after the road crew set the drumset back up after “Dust Bowl Dance”. The band came back out and with them came their opening acts, Bear’s Den and The Vaccines. They all played “Come Together”, and it was FLIPPING. AWESOME. I found this video on YouTube, which doesn’t do it justice but is still pretty good.

I got a couple of good photos – not many because I was too busy enjoying the show!





I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the concert since Tuesday. It was an amazing day with a great friend. We got home super late, and the next day I started a new job. What! Yes, last week I left the job I’d had for the past three years for a new opportunity. I’m enjoying the new job very much, and am happy to report that it is something brand new and very challenging. One of the best parts is that I get to work on a Mac and I am learning Photoshop. WEEEE!!!

I’m gearing myself up for tomorrow. What is tomorrow, you ask? Oh, just a little thing called RUN FOR YOUR LIVES. Yeah, IT’S HERE ALREADY. What? How did that happen? I swear it was like, yesterday that I first blogged about it. WTF. Anyway, please send good RUN BITCH vibes my way and hope that I make it through the race with a survivor medal? I will keep you posted on how it goes. Don’t forget that if you’re interested in running one of these, check out the website to check for a race near you and use the code ZPTD10 to get 15% off your registration!


That’s all for now, friends. I’m going to really try to post more often, but I make no promises because my life is CA-RAZY right now!

Chicago, Concerts, ALL THE THINGS

Well, this is the longest I’ve gone without blogging here, I think. Like… Ever. It feels weird even typing; I feel almost estranged from my blog. No hard feelings, blog… Things have just been busy.

I’m still writing for, which takes up a lot of my free writing time and honestly a lot of my creative energy. My family and I went up to Chicago at the end up May for a glorious ten-day vacation to celebrate my brother’s wedding. We drove and it took a long time. The drive was pretty easy, though, so that was great!

I returned to Chicago last weekend for my little cousin’s wedding. Weddings forever! I have some great pictures to share of both occasions but will post those later.

I’m hoping to slowly get back into the swing of blogging here. I’ve got a few other freelance things that I’m juggling so when I come home and have time to do those things, it’s tough to find the energy to write here. I’ve got a new project coming up on the blog, though, so keep your eyes peeled! I’m really excited about it. I’ll give you a hint; it involves zombies. YAY ZOMBIES!

A few other highlights from life lately; I got to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in concert! To be perfectly honest, I was a little disappointed but the opening band – He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister – were INCREDIBLE. Speaking of concerts, I GOT MUMFORD & SONS TICKETS FOR SEPTEMBER. OH. MY. GOD. That happened. I’M GOING!

I’ll post more later on this week, mostly talking about the new project I’m involved in.


Dragons, Christmas, and American Horror Story

Good morning! It’s been a while since my last update where, in a Benadryl-induced half-stupor, I blogged about a dragon living in my throat.

I am happy to say that the dragon has been slain. A few days after I wrote that post I bit the bullet and went to a walk-in clinic, where they diagnosed me with a virus and an ear infection. They gave me antibiotics and sent me home. I am now at the tail end of my antibiotics and can safely say I never want to take them ever again. They’ve upset my stomach and made me nauseous for almost ten days straight. EFF. THAT.

What else is new? Nellie’s feeling much better, though she’s congested again. I’ve been trying to stay on top of it by keeping her on a decongestant. I hate to do that because I’m not thrilled with the idea of drugging her all the time, but I’m afraid if the mucous builds back up she’ll end up with another ear infection. INNER TURMOIL.

So Thanksgiving is next week, which blows my mind. It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again. I’ve been having a lot of mixed feelings about the upcoming holiday season. Considering what a hot mess last Christmas was, I am anxious about what sort of feelings and memories the sights and sounds of the holidays will bring back. In case you’re a relatively new reader, last Christmas my mother was admitted to the hospital on the 22nd of December. We had to admit her to hospice on Christmas Day. She was dead by the 28th. I had a very conflicted and tumultuous relationship with her, which made the whole thing very difficult to process. You can read my experiences from that week by clicking on “In Her Time of Dying” on the top bar of my blog, if you’re interested.

So that’s what’s been going on with us lately. Oh! I forgot to mention that Josh and I have become COMPLETELY obsessed with the first season of the show American Horror Story. It’s amazing and terrifying and creepy and WATCH IT NOW, is basically what I am saying.

That’s all for now. Happy Hump Day!

Beep Beep. Happy 4th. Hot Dog Turnips.

Welcome to my randomly-titled post.

I think that this has officially been the longest I’ve gone without posting here in a long time. It’s been a week. I honestly don’t remember the last time I went this long without a post.. But I’ve been busy.

The Zoloft seems to be helping as far as I can tell, though the anxiety/depression has always waxed and waned so I’m not sure if the medicine is helping lift the fog, or if I’m just going through a “clear” period. I do know that the first few days on the medication made me nauseous as hell which wasn’t much fun. One thing I failed to mention about my doctor’s appointment is that I’m ten pounds lighter than I was this time last year, which surprised me and is pretty cool. I’m still technically obese (I say ‘technically’ because I think the BMI scale was actually created by either Nazis, or Kate Moss who may or may not be a robot. Robot Nazis, maybe. I’m not sure but whoever did it is an asshole) but I was happy to see that I have lost some weight.. Even though I haven’t really been doing anything different.

I’m feeling happier. I’m getting more joy out of things. I went to chorus last night and for the first time in a while, thinking about going didn’t make me feel anxious and worried. We had a really great, long holiday weekend with a little surprise. And by “little surprise” I don’t mean that I’m pregnant. Just getting that out there. We dropped Nellie off at the grandparents’ and went to a car dealership to see about trading our 2006 Hyundai in. We had plans to just ask if it was even possible, as we still owed money on it. It had almost 100k miles on it, and was beginning to fail us and was on the verge of costing us a lot of money. Four hours and a lot of “don’t get your hopes up” looks at each other later, we drove off the lot with a brand new, 2012 Ford car. Yeah, I know. I was shocked too and I’m still in denial that it’s ours. I keep expecting the car salesman to call us and tell us to bring it back; that they were just fucking with us. The payments are a little more a month, but my name is on the lease (it wasn’t on the Tuscon) and it’s going to build my credit score. Which is awesome. It also has a SYNC system, which means I can do certain stuff with my voice and it makes me feel like I’m piloting a spaceship. I can hook up my iPod and push a button and be like “PLAY.” and it’ll fucking play. And then I can be like, “CALL. JOSH.” and it’ll totally call Josh. Except sometimes it misunderstands me, and will dial someone that I totally don’t want to talk to and I’m left frantically trying to get it to stop by pushing random buttons on my steering wheel and yelling, “NO! NO! END CALL. END CALL! NO!” and I swear to God sometimes I can hear the car laughing at me. Did I mention the Zoloft is working?

We had a nice cookout at Josh’s sister’s place on Sunday, and Nellie got to swim and eat lots of stuff. Mostly cookies and a hot dog. I swear to crap, this child is going to turn into a freaking hot dog. She eats so many of them and I hate it because they’re so unhealthy, but I’m kind of just glad she’s eating so I just pretend they’re turnips, or really weird looking pieces of lettuce.

So anyway, that’s my totally random update about my car that’s awesome but is also fucking with my head, my kid’s hot dog obsession and my mental health.


The Weekend: Baby Showers and LOTS of Shopping!

The weekend was awesome. The ladies from my chorus threw a baby shower on Saturday, and little girl made out like a bandit. The highlight of the gifts was our travel system, the Graco Quattro Travel System. We also got quite a bit in Babies R Us giftcards, and some in Target gift cards also. That night we had a Christmas party at my brother-in-law’s house with all of our friends, which we do annually.

On Sunday, it was a shopping day. We decided to go use our gift cards. We bought a baby monitor, a breathable bumper, a rug for her room, a sleep positioner, and a Boppy! WOO HOO! I didn’t get a cutesy slipcover for it because we would have run out of gift card, so I just got the plain white one and figured I’d get a pretty one later if I wanted to. After that, we packed up a TON of books we had and headed to McKay’s Used Book Store here in town and got about $60.00 in store credit. We spent about $30 of it and got some things to read. I bought a breastfeeding book by Dr. Sears and got the 1st two books in the Sookie Stackhouse series. I have to say, I’m hooked. I’ve already seen the first season of True Blood (the HBO show that is based on the Stackhouse novels) and I’m really digging the book so far.
Last night, I had the most amazing dream. It was about Nellie. I had a dream that I was in the house in which I grew up in Chicago, and Nellie came early. Right there in my living room. I was holding her and was so scared first, because she was small. And I’m not talking typical newborn baby small, I mean she was about the size of a baby bird, or something. Josh got on the phone with the doctor to see if we needed to bring her to the hospital. They got her cleaned up, and cut her cord and brought her back to me and she was still so tiny. I was terrified. Josh got off the phone with the doctor and said that since everything was fine with her, the doctor said there was no need to bring her in. I protested, stating how tiny she was and Josh said, “Honey, look at her. She’s perfect.”
I looked down at the baby in my arms and she had magically grown; and looked like a normal full-grown infant. Better than normal, actually, she was FAT. I mean I had a chunky, CHUNKY baby on my hands. Her legs had little rolls all over them and her belly was so round and plump. She was beautiful. She looked exactly like her daddy in the face, and had my dark hair. She was naked, and I immediately cradled her and began breastfeeding. I remember she tried to latch on improperly the first few attempts but then she finally got it right and nursed like a pro. It was the most serene, peaceful feeling I’ve ever had from a dream. I didn’t want to wake up, but my bladder had other plans for me and I lost the dream of my fat little baby girl.
So that, in a nutshell, was my weekend. Every day that passes is another day closer to meeting my little lady!!!

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Ramblings of a Pregnant Brain

Well, this weekend is the big move. We were originally going to sign our lease and pick up our keys tomorrow but upon hearing the prorated amount we’d have to pay for moving in so early we decided to postpone that until Saturday. Yeah.

I am off for SIX DAYS STRAIGHT starting TOMORROW. Today is my last day at work for nearly a week. GLORIOUS. And of course, Thursday is Thanksgiving… AKA Pregnant Lady stuffs herself so she’s even fatter with turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and pie. AKA, The Happiest Day of the Year. I’m pretty psyched for my mother-in-law’s Turkey Day food. The woman is a warlock of food, and I’m not even kidding.

Thursday and Friday should be interesting. I scheduled the electricity to be cut off Thursday at our current apartment, and turned on Friday at our new place…. Because originally we were making Friday Moving Day. But now Saturday is Moving Day and we will now be without power for two days. It’s not a big deal; we’ll just…. Live like cavepeople for two days. No TV, no Gears of War 2…. Just me and the hubby, spending time with one another!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned Nellie’s reactions to video games here yet. We don’t play a whole lot. We have an XBox 360 that we received as a Christmas gift from my dad last year. I like video games and enjoy playing, but I always have a hard time justifying spending $200-$400 on a gaming console. Up until last Christmas, all we had was an old PS2 and a Nintendo GameCube. That’s probably all we would have had for a very long time, too. Luckily, however, my dad bought us an XBox as a gift. My favorite game of all time is Guitar Hero and I could probably kick your ass at it, thank you very much. I’m a rock star. It’s true, and it’s OK to be jealous. I’m also in love with LEGO Indiana Jones and Batman.

Joshua enjoys a wider range of games; his favorites being God of War, Assassin’s Creed and the Gears of War games. He has played Gears of War for a long time and I’ve watched/halfheartedly observed up until recently. He and I have gotten into playing together on Horde mode; which is basically where you have to kill bad guys in waves, each wave getting harder and stronger than the last. I now enjoy playing it with him….. And Nellie likes it when we play, too. EVERY SINGLE TIME we have played Gears of War 2, she has begun kicking almost immediately. She either really likes it, or really hates it!

OK, sorry, Pregnant Brain detour. Back to our busy month. We have got 2 baby showers scheduled for December. I have 2 performances with my quartet, and several with my chorus. Obviously, Christmas is in December. I have doctor’s appointments, not to mention the little fact that on December 27th, 2009 I will be considered full-term pregnant. MY CHILD COULD BE HERE BEFORE 2009 IS OVER. THIS IS CRAZY TO ME. Speaking of Pregnant Brain, mine is like a seive and I literally forget things ALL THE FREAKING TIME. I forget where I put my keys two minutes after I set them down.. I forget what I did with my cell phone, I forget that I HAVE a cell phone, I forget to make phone calls, write e-mails, and I drop things more than a clumsy person covered in baby oil.

……That last statement was really strange. Hmm. I am not real sure where it came from.

So, to sum up… The next month is crazy busy. I am a barbershop rock star along with my ladies and we are in high demand to perform all around the Scenic City (wait, was that the sound of me tooting my own horn?). My baby loves it when her mommy and daddy kick virtual subterrenean bad-guy butt. If my head were not attached to my shoulders, I’d lose it on a daily basis. I will be living in the dark for two days this week.

I am going to try and make my Wordless Wednesday post, but more than likely I will miss Thankful Thursday. So next week I’ll have to play catch-up! If I don’t post before, I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving!

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