A (Nellie) Rose By Any Other Name…

In the (nearly) 6 months that Nellie’s been here, we have come up with many.. many nicknames for her, most of which make no sense. Here are a few of them that actually include her name:

  • Nellie Bug
  • Nellie Bean (daddy made this one up)
  • Nellie Belly (or Nellie Wit Da Belly)
  • Nellie Belle
Then there are ones that, I think, are pretty typical:
  • Bunny
  • Booger
  • Baby Girl
  • Boo Boo
Then there are ones that have evolved from those:
  • Lady Boogerton
  • Booger Shoes (and I sing her a song to the tune of ‘Boogie Shoes’: “I wanna put on, mah mah mah mah mah Booger Shoes! Just Booger Boo Boo!”. Yes, I’m crazy.)
  • Booger Butt
  • Booger Bunny
  • Sugar Booger, which got shortened to “Shoog Boog”)
Then there are ones that.. Well, are a little weird:
  • Lady BaBa (I made this one up b/c she loves when I sing her “Bad Romance”)
  • Pee Diaper, which evolved into Pee Dipe, which then morphed into Pee Dipey, P. Dipey for short. (like P. Diddy. I will sing to her to the tune of ‘Tik Tok’, “I wake up in the mornin’, and I got a P. Dipey!”)
  • Hobbit (this is because she’s short, has fat rolls, curly hair and eats a lot)
  • Lady Hobbit
  • Cranker
  • Very Angry Badger (“The Badge”)
  • Chub a Lub (to the tune of ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’, when they say ‘jitterbug’: “Chub a lub! Oh Nellie Chub a Lub!”)

Yeah.. I sing a lot of weirdo songs to my kid.

So… How about you? What are some of the nicknames you’ve given your LO?

The Musical in My Head

Okay, so I know I’m posting a lot today. But this is important and needs to be shared.

My friends would be able to tell you that I am a walking jukebox. My motto is, “Life is one big song cue” and there is a musical happening almost 24/7 in my head. Got it? Good.

That being said, I have the tendency to completely and utterly forget that I’m a member of the normal human race, which consists of people who do NOT have elaborate song and dance numbers running through their heads at any given moment. So, I have the tendency to randomly make up my own songs and dances in inappropriate places.

I was sitting here, starving my fat little toushy off when I remembered some spare change I had in my wallet. Gleeful, I retrieved the money, got off my butt and ventured out into the hallway. I was not paying attention to my surroundings, and was waddling down the hall singing:

“Going to the vending machine, cha cha! Going to the vending machine, cha cha!” and when I got to the “cha cha” part, I’d stop for a second and wiggle my hips and belly. At one point, I happened to look up from my feet and just stopped. There was a college-aged boy coming down the hallway and he was just looking at me. I gave him my most winning smile and scurried as quickly as my short, plump little legs would carry me.

And that, my friends, was my embarassing moment of the day.