Singing Praises

Items that I’ve found to be worth their weight in gold thus far:

  • Lansinoh nipple cream. HOLY EFF, BREASTFEEDING HURTS. Lansinoh helps.
  • Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle. Wearable blanket, cozy baby, unworried mama.
  • Kiddopotamus Swaddler. Makes swaddling SO EASY.
  • MOBY WRAP. This, by far, is the best baby product we have used in the (almost) week we’ve been together.
Nellie in her Moby

Nellie wouldn’t sleep in her crib for more than one 2 hour stretch last night. I used that 2 hour stretch to eat instead of nap. I was desperate for sleep, and also desperate for a way to use the bathroom without having to stick her in her car seat and listen to her scream until I picked her up again (daddy was working a 12 hour shift and mommy was alone) so I decided to give the Moby a whirl. I put it on, and slipped her into the Newborn Cradle Hold. She was fussy at first, but gave into the comfort. I was so desperate for sleep at this point, I decided to retreat to my Fortress of Breastfeeding (more on that later) and sit in a semi-reclining position with my feet up on an ottoman and see how I felt about trying to nap while wearing her. I’m not big on co-sleeping; I’m afraid something will happen and I think it can lead to bad habits later, but I was seriously desperate for sleep. So I lay my hands across her so I could feel her breathing, rested my head back…….. And we both slept for almost the entire two hour in-between feeding time. It was amazing. Nellie’s cozy and secure (I can’t drop her), her breathing is unobstructed and I can get some shut-eye when she refuses to be put down in her crib. Amazing.

We have gotten this breastfeeding pretty much down. We had some issues at first and I’ll blog about that later. For now, I’m going to get some things done before it’s time for another feeding. That’s another beauty part of the Moby; I can actually do things without worrying about finding a spot to put her! Score.