Oh What a Lucky Girl She Was

Pinch me.

Seriously, pinch me.

I have got to be dreaming, because Nellie is the World’s Easiest Baby. I don’t know if it’s because she’s still newborn, or if she just has an exceptionally sweet temperament… But my baby is easy, ya’ll. She and I had a rough first few nights as we were getting to know one another and as I was struggling to find a sleeping solution that I felt comfortable and safe with. But we’ve gotten into a nice little routine and I feel as though I’ve won the Baby Lottery.

I breastfeed her every 2 to 2 1/2 hours. I’m not as crazy-vigilant about feedings as I was late last week/early this week. Let me backtrack a little. We took her to the doctor Sunday (yes, our pediatrician’s office takes Sunday visits. It’s cool to be jealous, I understand.) and her birth weight had dropped from 7lbs 2oz to 6lbs 5oz. She also hadn’t had a dirty diaper since Friday and wasn’t wetting regularly. We were wrought with worry, of course and told the doctor so. I had been having a really huge issue getting Nellie to latch on to my right breast. It was extremely engorged and swollen and painful; hard, and she just could not latch. She was screaming, I was crying.. It was ugly. The doctor suggested we supplement with one ounce of soy formula after each feeding to get her birth weight up, and to get her pottying like she should. He made us an appointment with a lactation consultant at the hospital we delivered at….

And she worked her magic. She showed me how to actually express “backward” to soften up an engorged breast long enough to get baby to latch. Nellie has a very good latch, and she nursed on that side in the LC’s office for almost 30 minutes which relieved mama very much. Ever since then, she’s been nursing like a pro and I rarely supplement anymore.

So anyway, I wake Nellie up to feed every 2-3 hours. In the evenings I usually end up feeding her somewhere in the area of 8 and 10 PM. After this feeding, I change her diaper if it’s needed, I dress her for bed (usually in a long-sleeved footed onesie, or a long-sleeved gown, and her Halo Sleep Sack) and put her in her crib. I will turn on her Sleep Sheep (which is a little sheep you attach to the crib and it makes a bunch of different soothing noises) heartbeat sound, kiss her goodnight and tiptoe out. More often than not if she is well-fed, dry, and cozy… She will drift off to sleep. I will get into bed and sleep. She will sleep the entire 2-3 hours in between feedings, and honestly if I didn’t wake her up to eat she’d probably sleep longer. Seriously, is this normal? Or am I just really lucky and in for a rude wake up call when she gets a little older?

I don’t mean to brag, or sound like I’m rubbing in the fact that I have an easy baby so far. I’m honestly wondering if all newborns are like this or if Nellie just has a sweet disposition. I always imagined she’d be a sweet, easygoing baby because she was very laid back in the womb. She never, ever kept me awake with kicks or woke me up.

We had a rough couple of first nights, but we have a wonderful routine now. I will admit, sometimes when I’m feeling tired and in need of sleep I have the tendency to feel frustrated and weepy with her if she’s taking a long time to nurse, or if her latch is taking a few tries. That’s my signal that I’m in need of sleep.. When I get some rest and wake, I feel like a different person.

Motherhood is amazing. I’ve never been around babies in my entire life.. Nellie’s dirty diapers are the first I’ve ever changed and yet, I find myself in this natural rhythm with her. It’s like breathing in and breathing out to me now. Taking care of my daughter is the most natural thing in the world to me. I love her so much. More than I ever fathomed ws possible.

Incoming!! AKA: Dodging Projectile Poop

Early this morning after a feeding, my daughter needed a diaper change.

It wasn’t a wet diaper, but a poopy diaper. You know, one of those where they squish up for a second, take a deep breath and then you feel a small explosion on your hand where you are supporting their butt? Then it’s followed by a foul odor and your little one looks very relieved.

Honestly, there is very little that’s more exciting to a new parent than their child pooping and peeing regularly. It means they’re getting enough nutrition and are healthy! Yes, dirty diapers are awful (especially breastmilk diapers… UGH) but they are also very exciting and NOT as gross as I’d anticipated. Maybe it’s because it’s my kid.

I digress. I took Nellie into her room to change her, cooing at her all the while and praising her for being such a good pooper. I lay her down, slipped off the diaper and got down to business. I given her the first once-over with the wipes when a small amount of poop trickled out of her butt.
“Oh no!” I thought. “She’s not done!” I then realized that I was standing DIRECTLY in the line of fire. Right at that moment, I heard an odd noise and I literally jumped out of the way. I managed to very, VERY narrowly dodge a projectile, liquidy stream of baby poop. It got on the changing table pads and hit the box of baby wipes I had sitting on the table. I yelled, “OH MY GOD!” and Nellie just lay there, looking up at me with an unimpressed and unaffected gaze. I immediately bursted out laughing and got to work cleaning her up.

Mommy Lessons #4 and #5: Do not stand at the foot of the changing table where baby’s rectum is facing you. Also, keep baby wipes at the head of the table so she can’t poop on them and ruin the box.This was totally me, except instead of a bullet it was baby shit.

Singing Praises

Items that I’ve found to be worth their weight in gold thus far:

  • Lansinoh nipple cream. HOLY EFF, BREASTFEEDING HURTS. Lansinoh helps.
  • Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle. Wearable blanket, cozy baby, unworried mama.
  • Kiddopotamus Swaddler. Makes swaddling SO EASY.
  • MOBY WRAP. This, by far, is the best baby product we have used in the (almost) week we’ve been together.
Nellie in her Moby

Nellie wouldn’t sleep in her crib for more than one 2 hour stretch last night. I used that 2 hour stretch to eat instead of nap. I was desperate for sleep, and also desperate for a way to use the bathroom without having to stick her in her car seat and listen to her scream until I picked her up again (daddy was working a 12 hour shift and mommy was alone) so I decided to give the Moby a whirl. I put it on, and slipped her into the Newborn Cradle Hold. She was fussy at first, but gave into the comfort. I was so desperate for sleep at this point, I decided to retreat to my Fortress of Breastfeeding (more on that later) and sit in a semi-reclining position with my feet up on an ottoman and see how I felt about trying to nap while wearing her. I’m not big on co-sleeping; I’m afraid something will happen and I think it can lead to bad habits later, but I was seriously desperate for sleep. So I lay my hands across her so I could feel her breathing, rested my head back…….. And we both slept for almost the entire two hour in-between feeding time. It was amazing. Nellie’s cozy and secure (I can’t drop her), her breathing is unobstructed and I can get some shut-eye when she refuses to be put down in her crib. Amazing.

We have gotten this breastfeeding pretty much down. We had some issues at first and I’ll blog about that later. For now, I’m going to get some things done before it’s time for another feeding. That’s another beauty part of the Moby; I can actually do things without worrying about finding a spot to put her! Score.

Lessons from New Mommyhood

Things I’ve Learned in 5 Days of Motherhood

  1. Breastfeeding is really difficult, but when your baby latches and your milk starts coming in, you feel like a superhero. Also, it’s really weird when your breasts leak.
  2. Sitting comfortably with stitches from a perineal tear is impossible.
  3. Eating is a luxury unless you have guests over to hold the baby. You will find yourself hunkered over a plate, shoveling leftover lasagna in your mouth at 4:00 in the morning in a hurry before the baby needs to eat again.
  4. Engorged breasts hurt like a MOTHER.
  5. When your child pees or poops in their diaper, you feel like throwing a parade.
  6. Speaking of poop, the term “holy crap” takes on a whole new meaning.
  7. Baby monitors are simultaneously the most wonderful, and nerve-wracking inventions ever made.
  8. Kidoppotamous Swaddlers, and the Halo Sleep Sack deserve the Nobel Prize for peace.. And I need about 5 more of each.
  9. I am fairly certain that I will never catch up on all the blog posts I’ve missed, and I apologize.
  10. This is the most amazing this that’s ever happened to me.