Father’s Day in Pictures

We had a cookout with my in-laws today and it was awesome. Nellie enjoyed lots of watermelon, the adults enjoyed steak and baked potatoes and we had a really good time. Unfortunately, earlier in the day Nellie has a little fall and it resulted in a bruise/red mark on her cheek. Enjoy photos from our Father’s Day!

It was a good day.

Memorial Day 2011 {Photo Post}

We had a fun Memorial Day. I took Nellie swimming (which she liked once she trusted me enough not to drop her in the pool) and we ended the day with a cookout with ten of our good friends..

And also four toddlers (ages 13-18 months), one six month old, a four year old, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Yes, we’re insane. Here are a few pictures from the cookout.

And then I went crazy, and decided to try and get a picture of all the children together.


We had a really great time despite the crazy heat and general chaos. See those little small pebbles? Yeah, Nellie was hellbent on eating those things and she even tried to get her friends to eat them. I actually caught her putting one in her friend Bella’s mouth. My kid’s a Rock Pusher.

We welcomed summer with a big, toddler-y hurrah. Bring on the sunshine!

Playground {Photo Post}

Yesterday it was a beautiful, sunny day in the Tennessee Valley so we decided to take a family trip to the park and let Nellie play. I think she had fun.

Despite a brief appearance from Nellie’s “what the hell are you looking at?” face…..

I’d say she had a blast. What do you think?


Plague Free Playtime {Photo Post}

The Plague has finally left our household. To celebrate, we had a fun-filled day of (slightly less energetic than usual) play, ending with some time at the park. I had some fun editing our photos with Picnik; I am by no means a photographer but I did have fun playing with the effects! Enjoy the pics.

Having fun & feelin' fine!

A sweet hug

Mischief Incarnate

The Only Girl in the World {to us}

Snacktime {mmmmm. grass}


We all agree, it sure is nice to be feeling well again.

Morning Walk

Nellie invites you along on our morning walk….

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Nellie’s Favorite Things: A Photo Story

You won’t find raindrops on roses, or whiskers on kittens. No bright copper kettles, or warm woolen mittens. Brown paper packages, tied up with string? No…. These are a few of Nellie’s favorite things.

Naptime with paci

And bathtime with duckie

A Guardian Fox makes this baby girl lucky

Watching her mobile with butterfly wings….

Those are a few of her favorite things.

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Houdini! The Matrix! America’s Next Top Model: A Photo Story Starring Nellie Rose

One fine March evening, Mommy and Daddy were spending some quality time together. Baby Girl was asleep in her crib, the monitor was turned on and the adults were enjoying their favorite Wednesday night TV shows.

All of a sudden, there came a curious noise across the baby monitor. A sudden tearing sound amidst the white noise of the fan that Mommy and Daddy keep running in Baby Girl’s room. With sideways glances to one another, Mommy and Daddy asked each other what in the world that sound could have been. Moments later, fussing from the Baby Girl told them she was awake.

They slowly opened the door to her room and turned on her lamp. They approached the crib on tiptoe just in case she was still asleep, peered over into the crib and do you know what they saw?

Baby Girl, escaped from her Kiddopotamus!

She was very happy to see Mommy and Daddy.

Quite happy, indeed!

Mommy and Daddy decided to let her loose. She immediately began re-creating a scene from the Matrix.

I know Kung Fu!

Then, she began practicing for America’s Next Top Model: Baby Edition

She tried the pouty look:

And she realized that she wasn’t Smizing, so she rectified the situation:

But you know, doing all of these things and being 8 weeks old are very, very tiring and taxing on a girl so she eventually passed out on Daddy:

And all was quiet once more in the family apartment.

The End!

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