Cranky Pants

I am in a mood today. I swear, these hormones have just grabbed ahold of me and made me their bitch.

I started off the day in a really good mood. A great mood, even. Then once I started working, it slowly went downhill from there. I think that I’m stressing out about money and work, and it’s all just poisoning my system with cranky feelings and general blah.

I’ve been sitting here trying to get my work done, and every single interaction I’ve had with someone other than my husband has gotten on my nerves today. I just want to shut myself off in a room and make everyone leave me the hell alone. I’m trying very hard to stop feeling so stressed and just relax, because stress isn’t good for the baby girl. I don’t want her feeling her mommy’s stress, worry and woes… Only her mommy’s positive energy and love. I guess I just have to remind myself that everyone’s entitled to their “down” days, and I need to stop being so hard on myself. I’m looking forward to this day being over with.

I’m not getting a lot of sleep, and I think that’s a factor, too. My body and mind are both very tired.

What A Difference A Day Makes

So this was me yesterday

And this is me today.

Pregnancy is so strange.