Zestra – Satisfaction for Women


So, let me ask you something. When was the last time you saw a commercial for Viagra, or Cialis? Are those drug names that you are familiar with? You probably recognize them as sexual enhancement products for men; to help with erectile dysfunction. They’re advertised everywhere: in between nightly news segments, sitcoms, and the Super Bowl.

Now, let me ask you this: When was the last time you saw a similar commercial, or product, for women?

When this question was posed to me, I seriously had to stop and think. When was the last time I had seen anything like that – and did I know of any products by name?

Why do men’s sexual enhancement products get so much play, while women’s get hardly any at all?

Let me introduce you to Zestra – a sexual satisfaction product for women. Zestra contains a blend of botanical oils and extracts to enhance female satisfaction and arousal, and give a little assistant to those of us who need a little help “getting in the mood”. I know I could use a little help, especially when I work all day, then come home to a hyper toddler who has managed to smear yogurt or peanut butter or something in her hair and then I have to sing nine rousing renditions of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in a row. When applied to the vaginal area 3-5 minutes before sexual activity, Zestra delivers the “Zestra Rush” to put a little oomph into your sex drive.

So why is it that men’s sexual enhancement products are so prevalent, when products for women aren’t? Check your SPAM folder in your inbox – even your junk mail is lousy with “penis cream! Bigger penis! Robot penis! ROCKET PENIS!”. Where’s my rocket vagina? I would also like mine to have lasers, please.  In all (semi) seriousness, it has always seemed like there is a double standard when it comes to men’s sexuality versus women’s. Men are encouraged to be players, while women who like to explore and have fun in bed are considered “easy” or “slutty”. Did you know that ads for Zestra were even rejected to be shown on television? What the hell, advertising?! How is that fair? We want ours, too!

Zestra is clinically proven safe and effective, has no known drug interactions or side effects (unlike Viagra, which can cause like, forever erections), is edible if ingested (though I wouldn’t recommend it because it’s kind of, er, bitter) and is hormone and paraben-free. Because I don’t know about you but parabens + my vagina = do not want. Paraben is a little too close to the word “parasite” for comfort (and yes I know the two things are nowhere NEAR related – I’m weird, stop judging me, I don’t want parabens OR parasites near my nethers).

I have had the chance to review Zestra, and since I’m a lady (….. stop laughing. Okay, seriously. Stop laughing), I will spare you the details but it definitely enhances things. My sex drive has never been incredibly active, and Zestra was definitely able to give me the extra boost that I needed. It created a nice, warm sensation and I definitely understood the “Zestra Rush” that I had read about! I haven’t gotten to use it on a long-term basis yet, but I am looking forward to making it part of our regular sexytimes.

If you’re interested in giving Zestra a chance (and I highly recommend you do!), take advantage of this special offer that Zestra has kindly agreed to provide for you, my readers! I recommend taking advantage of this offer, which gets you Zestra PLUS a bottle of their Glide lubricant – which is very enjoyable.


Viagra has had its time in the advertising sun. It’s time the ladies got their turn.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Zestra. I was provided a free bottle of Zestra & Glide in exchange for this review. The thoughts and opinions in this post are 100% authentic, and 100% my own.

Flip Flop Wine Review: Pinot Grigio

Welcome to the first of three reviews on Mommy Boots sponsored by flipflop wines! Yes, readers, I wrote to Stephen asking if flipflop wines would like to sponsor a review and he said yes! Not only did he said yes, but he essentially said yes three times. And I was really excited, because let’s face it: Mamas need wine.

Flip Flop Wines and Soles4Souls

One of the things I love most about flipflop wines is their partnership with Soles4Souls. Did you know that there are over 300 million children in this world without shoes? When was the last time you appreciated the fact that you have shoes to wear? Shoes are necessary for comfort, and they also help protect our feet against the spread of parasitic diseases. In third-world countries where they don’t even have the luxury of clean drinking water, protection against those types of diseases is imperative.  For every bottle of wine sold, flipflop wines donates one pair of shoes to the organization. Buy a bottle, enjoy a great wine and help a child in need get a pair of shoes. I will drink to that! Learn more about the origin/founder of flipflop wines here.

About the Wine

I’m not a wine expert and I’m not real savvy on the different names and corresponding flavors. I know I like something not too dry, not too sweet, and I prefer white. I have the tendency to choose my wine based on two things: a reasonable price, and a cute label.

The first wine I tried, the Pinot Grigio, definitely had the cute label down. See?

Totally something I would go for while browsing the shelves of the liquor store. I love the fun vibe the label has; the peace sign, the flip flops, everything about it is eye-catching and appealing. For a wine novice like me using the super-sophisticated method of picking my beverage based on label, this makes it super easy on me. I still wasn’t sure what taste the Pinot Grigio would have but luckily, Stephen sent along a sheet to help me know what to expect. If you’re like me, these specs come in handy:

Vintage: 2010
Appellation: California (I’ve never heard that word before, but luckily I’m amazing at context and I figured it out)
Tastes like: Light bodied, refreshing Pinot Grigio with tropical citrus, ripe pear and a zesty, clean finish.
It is full of: Balanced crisp acidity
Eat with: Bruschetta, spaghetti carbonara or eggplant parmesan (now.. I’m hungry.)
Serve: Chilled (this was way helpful, because I never know at what temperature to drink my wine!)
Store: Away from direct sunlight (for me, it was on top of my fridge.)

It also has a diagram on a scale of Dry to Sweet to show where the flavor will fall. The Pinot Grigio falls between Medium Dry and Medium Sweet. Perfect! The hardest part about drinking it chilled was putting it in my fridge and waiting for it to get cold. Patience is not a virtue of mine.  The Pinot’s flavor was true to what it says it is: it was crisp, not too dry but not so sweet it hurts your teeth. It was light, fresh, and easy to sip on. Some wines are too rich and give me a stomach ache but this one was just right. I didn’t try and pair it with any of the foods (again, wine newbie.. Taking it slow!) but by itself it was absolutely delicious. I love sipping on a glass of wine when I’m cooking, or reading, or blogging, or watching T.V., or texting or…. You know.. Breathing. 😉

The Pinot Grigio retails for $7.00/bottle or $84.00/case. That is an amazing price for such a great wine! How can you beat it? Not only is it a great price but you know that when you buy a bottle (or a case) you are helping to contribute to people in need!

The teensy print:
I was supplied a bottle of flipflop wines Pinot Grigio to review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. The thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% honest and 100% my own. This wine was tasty and delicious, and you should go buy some right now.



Dandelion {Earthy-Friendly Goods} Review

When Julie with Dandelion contacted me asking if I’d like to review some baby/toddler tableware I jumped at the chance. I’m raising my child like she was born in a barn; we usually just throw her food on her tray and let her eat with her hands and shovel food into her mouth like some kind of wild woman. So I said yes, of course. I would love some bowls to help make my child more civilized! When she told me that they were BPA free and made from corn I was even more intrigued. She sent me a set of two BPA-free corn feeding bowls to check out.

Some of the selling points about the bowls:

  • Made from a unique corn bioplastic (PLA) formula.
  • Naturally…BPA free, Phthalate free and PVC free
  • Corn is a renewable and sustainable resource.
  • Hand-wash only, not microwave or dishwasher safe

The bowls feature flared tab edges, making them easy to hold and a deep interior which helps with messes. Once I got the bowls, I was eager to try them out and the result was… Well, take a look for yourself!

The deep interior helped when Nellie decided she wanted to turn the bowl over to get a peek at the underside, as you can see in the first frame. She ate pretty well out of the bowl and there wasn’t a lot of mess to clean up afterward! Of course, once her oranges were gone she found another use for the bowls…

Even if your toddler doesn’t quite get the hang of a bowl yet, they make a very fine hat.

Julie asked if anything else on the website caught my eye and after browsing, I found this cute little stuffed duck. Nellie loves stuffed animals and she is slowly building up an army and she was definitely missing a duck! Some of the great things about the duck include:

  • Made with organic cotton fibers
  • Filled with soft corn fibers
  • Machine Washable (HALLELUJAH)
  • 8″ tall

He makes a little rattle noise when you shake him too, which Nellie digs. She likes anything noisy. I introduced Duck (he doesn’t really have a name yet) to Nellie and she took to him pretty well!

Now every time she sees him, she points and quacks!! The fox pictured there is her bedtime lovey, but she also rotates who sleeps in the crib with her and Duck has been getting his Nellie time lately. She’ll walk over to him, pick him up and hug him going “mm mm mm mm!”

You can buy the BPA-free Feeding Corn Bowls for $7.99, and the adorable Organic plush duck for $19.99. The bowls are a fantastic way to introduce your baby to tableware and the duck makes a perfect addition to your little one’s stuffed animal family, especially if they love them like mine does!

I received no monetary compensation for this post. I was given a set of 2 bowls and the plush duck from Dandelion to review. All opinions stated in this review are 100% honest, and 100% my own.


Motherlove Review :: Diaper Rash & Thrush and Green Salve

When I became a mom, I realized that the things that I used to get really excited about took a backseat. Buying a new type of makeup. Trying out new shampoos and conditioners. Getting a new purse. …. Okay, getting a new purse is still completely awesome but I digress. The point is that once I became a mom, I got excited about trying out a whole new type of product:

Baby stuff. I absolutely love trying out baby products for Nellie and I get even more excited when the products are from eco-friendly, all-natural companies like Motherlove. I have to admit, I’m not the crunchiest of mamas. When it comes to myself, I don’t pay much attention to living green but I’ve been more conscious of it with Nellie. When Julie asked me if I’d like to review Motherlove’s Green Salve and their Diaper Rash & Thrush salve, I jumped at the chance after checking out the company’s website.

It’s hard enough to make decisions on what’s best for your baby, so when you find a company that you know you can trust to not put nasty and harmful chemicals in their products it takes the worry out of what you’re using on your child away.

Green Salve

This all natural versatile salve quickly and effectively takes the itch out of insect bites, bee stings and poison ivy. It soothes and eases the discomforts of rashes, chapped and irritated skin. A must for every home! Motherlove’s green salve has a zero rating (zero toxins) on EWG’s skin deep database and is made with 100% certified organic ingredients
(Taken from Motherlove’s website.)

I really liked this stuff. It doesn’t have much of an odor which is a plus. I can’t stand stinky creams and ointments. Nellie got a scratch on the backside of her leg from, you know, being a toddler and being busy and as soon as I saw it I jumped on the Green Salve and slathered it on her little leg. I noticed that just one day after using the Green Salve, the redness of the scratch had gone away. The scratch itself was still there but the area around it was no longer red! After another day or two of using the Green Salve the scratch had healed what I think was much faster than if I hadn’t used the salve at all. I also used it after she’d crawled around outside a bit and had some small red marks and scratches on her knees. Again, within just one day the redness was gone and the scratches healed really quickly. I’m looking forward to keeping this salve on hand for the summertime when the inevitable bug bite comes knocking at our door.

Diaper Rash & Thrush

An all-natural herbal salve for persistent, inflamed diaper rash. Diaper safe and compatible with all diapers including cloth. Motherlove’s diaper rash & thrush has a zero rating (zero toxins) on EWG’s skin deep database and is made with 96% certified organic ingredients.
(From Motherlove’s website)

This stuff was also really fantastic! I’m a fan of the non-cream diaper rash products because they’re less messy and I can kind of just rub any excess product I have on me into my skin when I’m done! It’s comes off easily when I give Nellie a bath, too. I always feel like I have to scrub her to get Desitin off, but I don’t have that problem with this. It performs really well too; she’s had a rash a couple of times since we’ve had the Diaper Rash & Thrush salve in the house and it’s knocked the rash out very quickly. Within a day. One of the things I love about both the Green Salve and the Diaper Rash & Thrush is that they’re really portable. I can toss a jar in my purse or in the diaper bag and go; I don’t have to worry about a tube getting squished and ending up with a mess, and the fact that it’s in a jar makes it much easier to carry.

I give both products two thumbs up. I feel good using them on my daughter and knowing that there’s nothing in the ingredients that’s going to be discovered down the road to be toxic. The Green Salve sells for $8.95 and the Diaper Rash & Thrush salve sells for $9.95.

You don’t have to slather on either product, so your jars will last you a long time. It’s a really great price, a really great product and one you can feel good about using on your kiddo!

I received no monetary compensation for this post. I was given a jar of Green Salve and Diaper Rash & Thrush salve from Motherlove to review. All opinions stated in this review are 100% honest, and 100% my own.

CoddleLife Bottle Review

I was contacted by Frankie at CoddleLife before Nellie was even born. He asked if I was interested in reviewing one of their BPA-Free Propylene Bottles. At the time, I was gung-ho on the breastfeeding train and was confident I’d never need to use a bottle, EVER. But I said go ahead and send me one, if I ever need to use a bottle, yours will be the first I use.

Oh, how naive I was.

I ended up using the CoddleLife bottle within the first week of Nellie’s life when she wasn’t gaining weight from breastfeeding and I supplemented a little formula. I wanted her to keep from getting nipple confusion, and CoddleLife’s bottle is advertised to help to avoid that. In the beginning, the CoddleLife bottle was the ONLY bottle I would use to feed Nellie supplemented formula.

About CoddleLife (from their website):
Due to increasing concerns regarding toxins found in baby products, parents are now more conscious about finding safer alternatives for their children. We share the same vision and believe that safer materials should be used, not only in baby bottles, but also in all other baby products as well.

The creator and owner of Coddlelife is a mother-of-three who has many years of experience in the baby feeding products industry. The collaboration of her special insight, background, and mother’s intuition contributes to the success of the Coddlelife brand today. As a mother herself, she understands how important it is to make parent’s lives easier. Her experience and sense in what are the concerns of parents around the world is an on-going daily development for everyone at Coddlelife. Our management team spends a great amount of time to assure quality products are being manufactured to our high quality standards. By working closely with mothers and fathers all over the world, we gain extensive knowledge in what parents really want in baby products. Our goal is to make their lives easier, solve their problems, and meet their needs.

Coddlelife focuses on developing the best baby products in the industry, and is committed to producing excellent quality, innovative, practical, and safe products for the parents of today. It is a lifestyle brand that celebrates living well and joyously for both parents and child

About CoddleLife’s BPA-Free Propylene Bottle

  • It features a Peristaltic Nipple. WTF is that, you ask? A Peristaltic Nipple basically means that it stretches in response to the natural movement of a baby’s tongue.
  • It has a textured lip base to stimulate baby’s senses.
  • It has a one-piece air venting system to help reduce colic, spit-up, and ear infection.
  • It is microwave, sterilizer, and dishwasher safe!
  • The bottle, collar, and cap are all 100% propylene and the nipple is 100% food grade silicone.

My Experience With the CoddleLife Bottle

As I mentioned, the CoddleLife was the only bottle I’d allow to touch Nellie’s lips while we were breastfeeding. To the bottle’s credit, she never had any sort of trouble switching from breast to bottle! She didn’t get the bottle often; only about an ounce of formula after every other feeding to get her little belly full. I really loved the soft feel of the nipple, and the unique air-venting system it had was great. The only two problems I had with it were the numbers on the side were sort of hard to read, and the air venting system tore after about 5 times using the bottle. I was cleaning it out and I noticed that it had torn. So, naturally, like any paranoid new mother I immediately stopped using it. I have this weird thing that if something of Nellie’s breaks, or causes her any pain or discomfort or anything like that I immediately want to throw it on the ground, burn it, pour salt over it for good measure, run it over with a truck and burn it again. I didn’t do this to my CoddleLife bottle; I simply just stopped using it after I discovered the tear.

I do have a few pics of Nellie using her CoddleLife:

I would definitely buy and use a CoddleLife bottle again. Even though the air-vent system tore easily, I may have just been a little over-zealous in my cleaning. A single CoddleLife bottle is moderately priced at $6.99 for a single 8 oz BPA-Free Propylene bottle, 3 for $18.99 and 6 for $35.99. They also offer glass bottles. You can buy from various stores, or directly online.

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Review – Anima Soap

I was contacted by Robert with Anima Soap asking if I’d care to review his products on my blog.

WOULD I? Of course. I’m always on the lookout for good products that I can use on little miss Nellie and luckily, Anima Soap has a bar soap that’s just for baby!


The package of soaps arrived in the mail extremely quickly, which is good, because I’m impatient.

I was given two types of soap to review; the Anima scented grapefruit bar and the Anima unscented baby bar. The grapefruit bar lives up to its’ name; it smells fresh and delicious. And the unscented baby soap is, well, unscented.

About Anima Soap

  • Anima Soap is packaged in 95% recycled packaging, and there is NO animal testing!
  • From the website:

    The big brand soaps are not good for us or the planet.* They contain chemicals and synthetics that damage the human body. The planet is a complex web. When we use products that cause damage to the human system we damage every system on the planet. They get into the soil, the water, into the food supply and back into us.

    Anima Soap is a company that is good for people and is committed to protecting that which is sacred. People now have access to a bar of soap that is of high quality, in balance with the planet and priced with bars of soap most commonly used, a grapefruit scented organic based bar for $1.89. Soaps of this quality, made with organic oils, cost $5 a bar and upwards. This business model sacrifices profit margin in the interest of doing what is good and right. Anima is the latin word for soul. This company has a soul, a conscience. So long as it exists, it will produce products that put human and ecological values first.

About the grapefruit bar:

  • The soap is in a square bar.
  • Ingredients: water, certified organic palm oil,
    certified organic coconut oil, grapefruit essential oil,
    rosemary extract, lye

That’s it! No synthetic crap, no preservatives.. Just natural ingredients, which is fantastic.

My Thoughts on the Grapefruit Bar

I really like this soap. It’s happily parked on my sink in the guest bathroom and I use it as my normal hand soap now. It’s not drying, it smells fantastic and it’s a good all-around soap. I haven’t used it on my face (it’s advertised as a face and body soap) because my skin is super picky and I don’t like changing up my regimen because usually, new soap + my skin = breakouts that would make a hormonal teenager cringe. But I love it as a hand soap!

About the Baby Soap

  • It, too, comes in a square bar.
  • Ingredients: water, certified organic palm oil,
    certified organic coconut oil, certified organic
    jojoba oil, rosemary extract, lye
  • It’s unscented, and is NOT a tear-free formula. So be gentle around baby’s eyes!!

My Thoughts on the Baby Soap

My review on the baby soap isn’t quite as glowing, but it’s not quite negative, either. I am picky when it comes to the soap I use on Nellie, and so far I have only found one that I am pleased with. I’ve tried the normal Johnson & Johnson baby soap, the lavender scented stuff, Burt’s Bees, etc and there’s only one that I’ve been utterly pleased with (I will be reviewing it later so stay tuned).
I’m not crazy about baby soap in the form of a bar; I prefer a pump or something I can pour. It’s just easier for me, personally. This stuff lathered great, went on nicely and came off nicely which is really important to me. It didn’t leave Nellie feeling all slimy or with a residue, which I’ve had happen with some of the other soaps I’ve tried. I personally prefer my baby soaps to have a little bit of a fragrance to them, which this doesn’t. BUT, for a babe with sensitive skin (which Nellie doesn’t have, thankfully) this soap would probably be GREAT due to its’ unscented, fragrance-free nature. I probably won’t use this on Nellie again, where I will definitely use the body bar for hand-washing and will eventually give it a whirl as a body soap, too.

Anima Soap is a great and affordable product if you’re looking for a soap that’s organic and doesn’t have any icky synthetics or preservatives in it. Organic products are ridiculously expensive but luckily, this stuff is NOT. Which I love! Affordable = fantastic. So where can you buy the soap, and how much does it cost?

Well, I’ll tell you.

Check out Anima Soap’s website.
They offer soaps in the following packages:

  • 5 pack of the Grapefruit bar for $9.45
  • 10 pack of the Grapefruit bar for $18.90
  • 5 pack of the unscented Baby Bar for $9.45
  • Anima Family 15 pack (10 Grapefruit bars, 5 Baby Bars) for $28.35
  • Anima friends and family bulk (40 Grapefruit bars) for $75.60

In closing, if you are looking for a quality, AFFORDABLE, organic soap, you need to check these out. I wasn’t madly in love with the Baby Bar, but you may be! And at such a reasonable price, you’re really not losing anything if you end up less than crazy about it. The Grapefruit, bar, I highly recommend. I really do love the light, fruity scent.

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