Chicago, Concerts, ALL THE THINGS

Well, this is the longest I've gone without blogging here, I think. Like... Ever. It feels weird even typing; I feel almost estranged from my blog. No … [Continue reading]

Oh, here I am!

Well hi there! It's been a long time since I blogged, but I have a good reason. I've been working on a new side writing gig - one that I'm very … [Continue reading]

Where Are You Now?

When it comes to thinking about my mom, the things that make me cry are random and usually unexpected. Tonight, it was the movie Brave. I was … [Continue reading]

Running, Concerts, SPRINGTIMES.

Why, hello there! Long time no... Er... Read...? Type? Blog. I feel awkward now. Anyway. Nothing too exciting here, just a rundown of some … [Continue reading]

My First 5k!


Hi friends! Today was the day of my first 5k! I got up bright and early and headed downtown with my teammates to the Color Me Rad 5k! I wasn't … [Continue reading]

I Will Unfollow You on Instagram.

Fresh on the heels of my "I Will Unfriend you on Facebook" post, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and was inspired to write yet another … [Continue reading]

17 Down


I am about a week and a half out from my first 5k. I'm a little behind schedule on C25k, which kind of sucks. Originally I began it with enough time … [Continue reading]

BlogHer Book Club Review: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

I have been reading The Bloggess since 2008, when my friend Megan introduced me to her through this post, which is an open letter to her husband (this … [Continue reading]

I Will Unfriend You on Facebook.

A DISCLAIMER:  This post is going to be snarky and ranty. SO if you have come looking for sunshine and rainbows and skittle milkshakes, what the fuck … [Continue reading]

How I Get My Kid to Like Cool Music

One of the cutest things ever is listening to a small child sing. It is precious. It is adorable. But let's face it: there are only so many times one … [Continue reading]