Hai, Holidays!

I’ve broken what I’ve read is a blogging rule, and that’s being lax on posting. In my own defense, I don’t have Internet at home so posting is difficult. I’m posting this from my iPhone right now (yay technology!).

The holidays are finally upon us ad I’m even more excited this year than I was last year. Now that Nellie’s older, I cannot wait for her to see the tree and open her presents. We’ve already gotten most of her toys and are waiting on one of the bigger ones to ship. I briefly toyed with the idea of venturing out on Black Friday, and then I remembered I hate crowds and have social anxiety and changed my mind. I will be barricading myself inside my apartment and staying far, far away from anything remotely resembling a store.

We are putting our tree up tonight and watching my favorite Christmas movie; Christmas Vacation. Hope everyone enjoys/enjoyed their Thanksgiving and let the holidays begin!