Um, wow. I’m in a baaaaad mood today.

I wish I could say it’s a promising IPS, but I’m not so sure anymore. I’ve been having some OK ones; sore bbs, a little moody, bouts of queasiness, and a general “off” feeling. My temps are still hovering high, my CP is medium, medium texture, and it’s closed.
However, I’ve been feeling very dully crampy today. All day. It stopped briefly around lunchtime, but it’s been around all day. It’s just a very dull ache. I’m kind of hoping it’s implantation/pregnancy cramps, but I didn’t think that implantation cramps hung around for more than a few minutes. I fully expect to see AF in her full, horrible glory by Wednesday. *sighs*
I was feeling really good about this month, too. I’m in just a horrible mood today; everything is going wrong, everything is irritating the holy living snot out of me. I mean, every time someone opens their mouth to say something all I can hear in my head is “SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSTOPTALKINGNOW.”

Oh, to be a girl. Isn’t it FABULOUS?!
So, countdown to AF is on. I am expecting her anywhere between Wednesday and Sunday. If she doesn’t come by Saturday, I’m taking an HPT. But with this crampy feeling, I think she’ll be here sooner. I just don’t know.
If we don’t get pregnant this time around, I’m breaking out the big guns. I’m buying PreSeed, OPKs, and maybe even Instead Cups. I know that I may seem crazy, but I want to be pregnant. I’m sick and tired of seeing pregnant women and being angry, jealous, and sad. I’m tired of wandering through the aisles at stores, gazing wistfully at the baby clothes and wondering when it’s going to be my turn.
It was so easy the first time around, too. I estimated when I was set to ovulate, we had sex every other day, and bam. I was pregnant. Of course, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage, but the getting pregnant part was awfully easy.
I know I shouldn’t complain. This is just cycle #3. I haven’t had it as bad as some others.
But in the words of Inigo Montoya…
“I hate waiting.”


I think. I think I ovulated on Thursday. I’m not 100% sure of this, but I think that I did. My signs were all good; CP, CM, and temps were all on par with what I’ve read they should be.

I experienced a temp rise Wednesday, then a crash Thursday. Since Thursday, my temps have been climbing. I don’t know if this is a good sign, if this is a sign of pregnancy, or if it’s inconclusive, or what. I guess all I can do is wait.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

I’m trying not to over-analyze my body and the things that it’s experiencing. I had some brief queasiness today which I’m trying to write off to being bloated and gassy. I’m tired, and I’m just writing that off to not getting good enough sleep. My skin is broken out, I’m writing that off to being a week and a half away from AF.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

On to Cycle #3

Well AF showed up.. Early to boot! I wasn’t predicted to start until yesterday, but she showed up on Thursday. Ah, well. I’m kind of glad she showed early; that way I didn’t have to be stressed at Six Flags worrying about whether or not I could ride coasters. That, and she showed up on CD 29 and that’s more normal for me than her predicted arrival on CD 32.

Speaking of Six Flags, we were there the day the kid got decapitated by the Batman ride. We weren’t anywhere near that part of the park when it happened though. We had just ridden Superman, and were walking toward the Gotham City part of the park, when we saw about 4 security guards standing at the top of the hill and not letting anyone in to that part of the park. I knew then something had to have been very wrong; that someone was either very hurt, or had gotten killed. I figured that there had been a nasty fight of some sorts. We heard the park staff paging a police chief that happened to be in the park at the time. It was only a little while later that our friend Ryan texted us to make sure we were OK, as the news had just said there was an “incident” on the Batman ride. We asked him to see if he could find out what had happened from searching online, and that’s when we heard someone had been killed. It was pretty crazy.

Anyway, we had a pretty good time at Six Flags. We didn’t get to ride very many things; we got there later than I wanted, it rained, and it was crowded.

In the matter of TTC, we’re on to cycle #3. I should be ovulating some time next week. I’m going to start our frequent BDing at some point this week just in case I ovulate way earlier than I’m expecting. I don’t think I’ll get any complaints from DH. 😉

I’m honestly not even sure I ovulated last cycle. I never saw any EWCM, and I didn’t get the O pains I normally do.

Ah, well. Here’s to an April 2009 baby!