Nellie Says “No”.

I posted last week about Nellie’s vocabulary (I posted at 10 PM on a Friday night. I win at internets, yes?). Well, over the weekend she learned a new word.


So far, she has only used the word when I’m trying to get her to eat something she doesn’t want to eat. For example, I made her a delicious quesadilla and this is how she reacted:



Apparently, said quesadilla is laced with arsenic and poisonous snakes. After discovering that Nellie could say “noooooo”, while we were out to eat at Chili’s I offered her a purple onion from my salad. I took it, held it to her nose and went “nooooo” while turning her head away. I thought it was so freaking cute, I kept doing it until she cried.

Not only do I win at internets, but I also win at motherhood. You can go ahead and give me my Mom of the Year Award now, thanks.

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Taking it easy

Ever since the kickboxing class on Wednesday, I’ve been taking it easy. My leg muscles are screaming at me, and upon the wise advise of my dear husband, I’ve decided to take today off. I worked out very lightly with Michelle last night (we just walked on treadmills.. I put an incline on mine, but walked at a steady/slow pace). Tomorrow it’s back, I have yoga in the morning. Woot!

There is a possibility of a new job on the horizon, one with a company I’ve kind of had my eye on in my peripheral vision for a few months. My friend Ryan works there, and the way he talks about it, it seems mega laid back, and just an overall good place to work. I’m excited about the prospect of a new job, because this one is wearing on me already. I haven’t even been here for a year, and already I’m tired of it. My coworkers and manager are very cool, but as far as professionally goes.. I’m left with a lot of work picking up where others lack. And I’m not okay with that. I also don’t feel like I get paid enough for the work I do.

So, we’ll see what happens. I went to my coworker’s going away mini-party today. He got a new job.. I had a slice of cake and a handful of Doritos. I went to McDonald’s for lunch and got a Happy Meal with apple slices instead of french fries. I looked up the nutritional info, and the cheeseburger I had was only 300 calories, much to my surprise. So I don’t feel too horrible about the things I’ve eaten today.

I can’t wait to get this weight off, and feel like me again. It’s going to be wonderful.

I got my ass kicked…. Almost literally!

I went to the Rush last night all by myself for a class.. It was called Knock Out Gear Up, and I was expecting another “kickboxing” class like Tuesday night’s class that Michelle and I attended. Well, this WAS kickboxing.. But it was taught by someone who actually KICKBOXED. It was less of a cardio class, and more of a controlled movement class. He taught us how to crouch defensively against punches, and draw our legs up defensively against kicks. We did things like that, we worked on our balance and control, and the last half of the class we sparred. At first, he just made punching/kicking movements in the mirror and we were to dodge accordingly, trying to predict his movements.
The last 20 minutes of the class, he brought out these punching blocks. We paired off (luckily there was an even number of people in the class), one of us holding the bag and the other “attacking”. We were instructed to hit and kick at the block best we could, while the person HOLDING the block was to dodge us, move, and try and keep us from kicking or punching it. I did well until it was my turn to spar the instructor. He only had the hand pads, and he would punch (not actually punching, it was more jabbing motions that were feigned punches.. Had we been in an actual kickboxing match I would have had bruises all over me) and kick, trying to teach me to be defensive. It was really hard, but I absolutely loved it.
We did an ab workout to end the session, and stretches. My legs are on fire, my arms are killing me, and I loved it. I’ll be back next Wednesday if I get off work in time.
I decided to make last night my “bad” night. Josh and I went out and ate Chinese food. I enjoyed every bite, and I only had two small plates. I normally load down my plates but I ate small portions, and felt very full. It was deeeeelicious.
Tonight, I’m taking it easy. Treadmill and abs only, because my legs, knees, and arms need a rest. Tomorrow night… WARHAMMER! Yah!!! And rest. No workout for me tomorrow night.