A New (Blog) Home, A New Look For Me!

You may not notice, because things don’t look very different around here but I am no longer using Blogger! I made THE BIG SWITCH to WordPress with Kelly at Twenty70Hosting! I’m really excited and looking forward to seeing what WP has to offer me! I know I am going to revamp some things here and there, so be on the lookout!

Last weekend I finally got a haircut. I visited a local salon that uses Bumble and Bumble products, which I’ve been wanting to try forever. A good friend of mine told me to take before and after pictures, so I did.


The following image may frighten small children. Please ensure that your little ones have left the room.




Look! A Human Being!

Not bad, eh? A dude cut my hair and I was totally nervous, because apparently I’m a Hair Sexist. But dude did a rockin’ job and I really liked the B&B products he used. He used the Curl Conscious line, with the Surf Spray.. I’m going to be buying trial sizes of the Curl Conscious to try to see if I like it. I’m not going w/ the full sizes because they are… Oh, about $20.00 a flipping bottle. Yeah,  no jokes.

So anyway.. I’ve been quiet because I didn’t want to make more work for Kelly when it came to switching everything over, but now I’m back, baby! I have a few great blog posts up my sleeve and am really excited about some things that may be in the works for me, blog-wise. Oh, and I won’t be around Saturday because on Saturday I’ll be guest posting at The Lame Sauce! I AM EXCITE.