The GED Test – An Update.

It’s over. Six hours, two #2 pencils, and one wicked case of writer’s cramp later, my GED test is over. I did it. I filled in more little bubbles than I care to think about, wrote a five-paragraph essay, bought some cheap cafeteria food and breathed a sigh of relief when it was all said and done.

And now, I wait. I wait for three to four weeks to find out if I passed my test. I am relatively sure that I will. The only part of the test that I’m worried about is the math. I’m still terrible at math, and had to guess on a fair amount of questions. We will see what happens once I get my results. Luckily if I fail one part, I only have to take that part over rather than the whole damn test. I’m not worried about the other sections.

The next step is to fill out my financial aid paperwork and see what kind of aid I can get. After that, I’ll enroll in college in the Spring. I have no freaking clue what I’m going to study or where the experience will take me, but I feel like I have cleared the biggest hurdle – the one that’s had me jogging in place for eleven years. The GED test is officially behind me and now that it’s done, what’s left is a wide open road that could lead to a hundred different paths. And that is pretty awesome.