The Battle of the Queue

My husband and I love movies. We are what you would call movie buffs. We will give pretty much any movie a chance. Our likes range from Oscar-winning dramas to musicals (okay, that’s me and not my husband) to campy movies like Pirhana (which was AWESOMMMEEE). There are movies that we disagree on, of course. Joshua doesn’t like musicals and I don’t like comic book cartoons, cheesy 80s guys movies (Road Warrior = worst ever) or Alexander, which happens to be one of Josh’s favorite movies. Oliver Stone can just get the eff off my Netflix queue and movie shelf FOREVER.

Since early 2006, we have been Netflix users. We. Love. Netflix. We love it even more since it introduced its’ “Instant” feature, allowing us to stream movies and TV shows to our laptop. We’ve caught up on entire TV shows this way – Weeds, Californication, Man Vs. Food… I love love love Netflix. However, there is one problem that comes with being romantically involved with someone and having Netflix…

And that’s the Battle of the Queue.

More than likely if you have a partner and Netflix at the same time, you already know what I’m talking about. It’s the constant power struggle that comes with arranging your queue and adding new movies to it. It’s a game of stealth, of sneakiness and of subtlety. It starts with something like this….

Me: Ooooh, you know what movie I haven’t seen in a while and that I don’t think you’ve ever seen?
Josh: What?
Me: A Hard Day’s Night.
Josh: *blank stare*
Me: What? It’s great! It’s funny, it’s cute and it’s THE BEATLES.
Josh: *blank stare* It’s a musical, isn’t it.
Me: No… Well… Not really.. It’s.. JUST WATCH IT. *puts it at the top of the queue*
Josh: THE TOP?!
Me: *death stare*

End of struggle, right?


Everything is well and good until I skip to the mailbox and rip into my red Netflix envelope, giddy with anticipation in seeing my beloved Beatles movie for the first time in years…… Only to find the DVD enclosed in the sleeve is…

Josh: *runs garbage disposal* WHAT??? I CAN’T HEAR YOU.
Josh: Hmmm, did I? I don’t remember.

You would think I could easily solve this problem by putting Hard Day’s Night BACK up at the top of the queue, but because I am a spaz and my brain is like a sieve I forget. With paying bills, working, Nellie, chorus and a thousand other things my Netflix queue is just not usually at the front of my brain. So I forget, until weeks have passed and my Beatles movie still hasn’t shown up in my mailbox. I go to the queue to find that it’s now at position 67 or some equally far-away number. And that’s when I initiate my own Battle Sequence. Mine is sneaky. Mine is tricky.
Mine is brilliant.

You see, I generally put the envelopes back into the mail at work (we get 3 at a time). This is when I execute my perfectly-timed plan.

Me: *walking out the door* I’m putting the Netflix movies back in the mail today.
Josh: You’re awesome!
Me: Yessss… awesome…..

I will get to work, drop the movies in the mail and wait a few hours. This gives Josh some time to manipulate the queue as he pleases while he is still thinking about it (because just like me, he also has a thousand things bouncing around in his brain). After he has snuck a few of my movies down and a few of his up, that is when I strike.


I sneak those three to the top toward the end of the day when Josh has forgotten about the queue and the Netflix movies we turned in have already reached their destination. The day the three new red envelopes come in..

Me: We have Netflix!
Josh: What did we get?
Me: A Hard Day’s Night..
Josh: *side-eye*
Me: Strictly Ballroom…
Josh: *stink-eye*
Me: And Tommy!

I will happily watch my three awesome movies while Josh feigns interest and then I’ll pack them back up, send them out…

And the Battle of the Queue rages on.


I just have some random, unrelated things to babble about today, in no particular order.

  • First, thank you for all the amazing feedback and support in regards to my post about anxiety. I feel more empowered than before to take charge and do something about these feelings I’m having.
  • I switched my commenting system to IntenseDebate. Somewhere in the import, some comments got eaten. I don’t know why most of my comments were imported but some were not. I’m frustrated, but for now I’m sticking with I.D. because I like the system. You’ll notice that pretty much all of my posts after December have 0 comments, which depresses me because it makes me look sad and friendless but the comments are there, somewhere, in cyberspace. I re-imported and everything is fine now. Yay!
  • Have you read that Cora’s Law is in the process of being passed in Indiana? Cora’s Law would make it mandatory for newborns to be given a pulse oximetry test to screen for a potential CHD.. And it’s all thanks to Cora and her amazing mother Kristine! I am so proud of Kristine for fighting so hard and tirelessly making sure that Cora continues to save lives!
  • I’m going away for the weekend. Friday through Sunday. I’ll be off on a chorus retreat, barbershopping my butt off. So, internet silence from me. I know you’ll miss me terribly but please try and carry on with your daily lives. This is going to be the longest I’ve ever been away from Nellie. Eeeeeek.
  • My 12 in 11 project is going so well I’ve finished 2 books this month. I read The Hunger Games and on Sunday I bought Catching Fire. I finished it last night. I’m not obsessed or anything. I certainly didn’t look up mockingjay pendants on Amazon or anything like that.
  • Seeing bunches of Blissdom Tweets makes me feel geeky & spazzy and anxious for August, when I will be attending BlogHer ’11. I can’t wait!
  • I tried watching The Kids Are All Right last night with Josh. Great acting, boring as hell. I don’t get why it’s nominated for an Oscar, and I’m usually down with the Oscar Noms. It was like watching someone’s real life, except without any really great drama. I turned it off before we got to the “conflict” of the movie but I read about it on Wikipedia and I was like, meh. Whatev.
  • Abrupt end to the blog post.


Tonight while I was sitting at work near the end of my shift, I got a text from my husband who was set to pick me up at any second.

Can I come in?

I texted back:
Of course you can!

I shut down my computer, gathered up my things, and met him at our front door expecting him to have an armful of baby girl. To my surprise, he didn’t have an armful of baby at all, but a bouquet of flowers, which he handed to me with a smile.

“Thank you,” I said. “Where’s Nellie?”
“I left her in the car,” he joked.
With a smile, I asked him what was going on. He told me that he was taking me out on a date.

I was so excited! A surprise date. He told me that his parents were watching Nellie for a few hours, so we could get dinner and see a movie. I was absolutely thrilled! I wasn’t expecting it at all. A night out by itself is great, but a night out when you are absolutely unaware that it’s going to happen is even better.

We had dinner at Applebees and had a blast. We laughed a lot, and it was nice to spend time together without having to say, “No! Don’t touch that”, or “Don’t put that in your mouth, honey.” While we love to take Nellie out, it was nice to not have to play Cheerio Pickup while trying to shovel food into our mouths quickly enough to avoid a meltdown. There was a couple at the table beside us who also had a 1 year old (we asked) and what looked like a 5 year old. They looked happy, but they also had that frazzled “parent” look about them.

After dinner, Josh and I headed to the movie theater where we sat down to enjoy a movie that we’d both been looking forward to.

I’ve never seen the original, but I love the Coen Brothers. I will see anything they make without batting an eyelash. I’ve loved almost every single move they’ve put out with the exception of a few that I didn’t hate, but I wasn’t crazy about, either. It’s no secret that I’m a movie buff. We used to go see movies constantly before we became parents, and that’s definitely one of the things I’ve missed. We watch our share of movies thanks to Netflix but there’s just something about the experience of going to the theater that I adore.
The movie was amazing. Plain and simple. The acting was spectacular, the dialogue fantastic and the direction was just great. It was a wonderful film, one we will definitely own. It went by in a flash – had no dragging parts or slow scenes.

On the way to retrieve Nellie, we both commented on how nice it was to get a night to ourselves – but we both agreed wholeheartedly that we missed our lady. A lot. We talked about her, mostly, on the way home.

It was a great night and a great chance for us to have some quality time outside of being mama and dada. I have an amazingly thoughtful husband. It’s cool to be a little jealous. 😉