Wild Thing

Yesterday as I walked through the doors of Nellie’s daycare, I was not prepared for the fact that my curly-headed tot had been replaced. I entered her classroom and much to my surprise, my spunky little girl had morphed into something completely different. It was not my Nellie who ran over to me as I walked through the door. I was instead greeted by a wild, blue, furry monster! This toddling mass of blue fuzz was so adorable,  I couldn’t resist and ended up taking her home. I mean, really.. How could I have said no?



You can go ahead and carve it on my tombstone:
Natalie G.
Killed by Cute.



Nellie Turns 1 :: Pictures

The Birthday Girl

Nellie & Mommy

Birthday Decor

Adventuring & Exploring


We had a wonderful birthday celebration for Nellie at her Gran’s house. We invited only close family. In fact, the people who first saw her on the day of her birth were present at the celebration of her first year of life. You can see we didn’t go all-out with themes, favors, cupcake toppers, etc. We felt like it would have been more for us than her, and we will probably concentrate more on having a themed birthday party with other kids there next year.
Nellie was hesitant about the cake at first, but as you can see she dug in after a while. She even shared with her mama. Nellie got a lot of great presents. I made her smash cake and it was… Um.. Failriffic. See?

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Yyyyeah. It’s a sad little cake. It looks better than it did when I first made it, if you can believe it.

Nellie’s custom birthday onesie was made by my awesome & crafty friend, Rachel. She has also made Nellie various adorable hair bows, and even a hair bow holder. Because she is the bees’ knees.

My girl is 1. I can’t believe it. Her birthday was absolutely perfect.

Turkey Day

Today was Nellie’s very 1st Thanksgiving “on the outside”. This time last year I was massive with baby. I remember being so excited to eat my brains out, only to find that I was so pregnant there just wasn’t that much room in my belly!

This year, our 10 month old decided to boycott a morning nap. She toughed it out, though she wasn’t really interested in sampling any Thanksgiving cuisine.

Our tree is up, I baked some Christmas cookies (they’re not the best thing ever. I think I need more practice) and we’re about to settle in for our annual viewing of the Best Christmas Movie Ever: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! Pics will be coming of our holiday decor soon, so stay tuned. To everyone to celebrates, Happy Thanksgiving and to my friends in other countries, it’s almost Friday. Yay!

Shoes, and A Vote (for Nellie)!

Nellie wonders what the hell these strange new devices are on her feet, and plots to conquer & destroy them.


Nellie made it to the finals in this week’s cute baby contest on Parents.com. In just a day she went from rank #594 to rank #51! Please take just a second and vote for my cutie pie:

There is a catchpa word verification that you must complete to have your vote count, so please make sure you do that.

Nellie (and I) thank you bunches!