Nellie Says “No”.

I posted last week about Nellie’s vocabulary (I posted at 10 PM on a Friday night. I win at internets, yes?). Well, over the weekend she learned a new word.


So far, she has only used the word when I’m trying to get her to eat something she doesn’t want to eat. For example, I made her a delicious quesadilla and this is how she reacted:



Apparently, said quesadilla is laced with arsenic and poisonous snakes. After discovering that Nellie could say “noooooo”, while we were out to eat at Chili’s I offered her a purple onion from my salad. I took it, held it to her nose and went “nooooo” while turning her head away. I thought it was so freaking cute, I kept doing it until she cried.

Not only do I win at internets, but I also win at motherhood. You can go ahead and give me my Mom of the Year Award now, thanks.

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Your Baby is Walking? OMG! Congratulations! Your Life is Over.

I wrote a blog a while ago about how Nellie is a perfectionist. I commented that at nearly 15 months and still not walking it was hard not to worry.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I can now stop worrying about her lack of walking and switch to worrying about something else,  because on Friday evening, this happened:

Now, Nellie’s been pulling up and cruising and taking a few unsure, wobbly steps for a few weeks now. Almost never more than 4, and always resulting in a tumble. This past Friday night I was sitting at the kitchen table and she was holding on to a nearby chair. I was looking at my laptop screen when all of a sudden, she let go of the chair and walked all the way across the living room. I looked at her for a good ten seconds before I realized what had just happened. There was no tumbling, no falling. It was as if my kid had just decided: “yep. I’m going to walk now.”

I promptly freaked out, and looked at my daughter who was standing in the living room. “Come here, Nellie! Come to mommy!” I squealed at her.

And then she did. She walked right back over to me. My daughter walked right over to me in that adorable, arms-up, wobbly toddler way. I squealed again and scooped her up, hugging her and praising how amazing she was. Because, duh, she’s the first kid ever to do this.  Then I snatched up the camera and took the video above. Please note my awesome parenting skills as my kid tries to play with an electrical socket.

After a few more treks about the apartment to make sure that this was for real, I announced to my Facebook friends and family that she was finally, officially walking. I was met with congratulations from everyone, but also:

“Your life is over!”

“Welcome to a whole new world!”

“Did I mention your life is over?”

“Put everything you own on top of the fridge.”

“Hide your kids, hide your wife.” (ok, I made that one up.)

“Hey! Did you know your life is over?”

So far, my life is still very much marching on and I love watching her walk. She’s so cute in her wobbly, crazy steps. I’m still not used to the sight of my tiny daughter walking but it gives me a thrill every time I see it. She has also entered a super cuddly phase, where she will give you a hug if you ask her. She also likes to force Josh and I to kiss, but that’s a whole different post.

Dear readers, I have officially entered the realm of having a toddler. A real, toddling toddler. Is my life over? No. It actually feels like the excitement has just begun.

Nellie Rose : 1 Year Old.

On January 20th, 2010 at 4:15 PM my life changed forever. A 7 lb 2 oz wailing child with a head full of dark hair came into my life and made me a mother.

Her name is Nellie Rose and today, January 20th, 2011 she turns 1 year old.

Here is a slideshow of her 1st year in pictures, set to music. It’s 15 minutes long and I understand if you don’t watch it all. It’s more for her when she gets older and for me and her daddy. But if you make it all the way through, thank you.

Some 1 Year Stats

  • 21 pounds
  • A little over 26 inches long
  • Wearing size 12 month clothes, but rapidly growing out of them
  • Pulling up and has brief moments of unassisted standing
  • Can say “mama” “dada” and sings “la la la la”.
  • Dances while sitting down.
  • Sleeps through the night.
  • Bottle-free; drinks from a sippy cup.
  • Is on cow’s milk.
  • Has four teeth (two top, two bottom)
  • Loves graham crackers, chicken, potatoes, carrots, green beans, yogurt, mandarin oranges.
  • Hates avocado, peaches, apricots.
  • Claps.
  • Raises arms when asked, “how big is Nellie?”
  • Gives kisses when asked.

It’s hard to believe that our daughter has been here for a year. The past 365 days have flown by almost as if they didn’t exist. I’ve been a mom for a year now. It hasn’t always been easy. It’s actually been pretty hard at times. I’ve laughed, cried, been frustrated, been sad, felt lonely.. But it’s always been worth it. When I see my daughter’s face light up with a grin, or when I get her going in a giggle fit, I could explode into a thousand pieces with happiness. The love I feel when I watch her sleep takes my breath away. As I remember the day I gave birth to my Nellie, I feel tears in my eyes. I smile thinking of all the memories that we have yet to make, and all the adventures we have yet to embark upon.

To my Nellie Rose:

Happy Birthday, my darling girl. I still remember how it felt to have you kicking me from inside. When I kiss you, I find true happiness and peace. Your laugh fills my soul from corner to corner. You have no idea how much I love you, darling babe. Thank you, thank you, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for choosing me to be your mother. It’s been an honor and I promise I will continue to do my best. You make me proud every second of every day.