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We had a wonderful birthday celebration for Nellie at her Gran’s house. We invited only close family. In fact, the people who first saw her on the day of her birth were present at the celebration of her first year of life. You can see we didn’t go all-out with themes, favors, cupcake toppers, etc. We felt like it would have been more for us than her, and we will probably concentrate more on having a themed birthday party with other kids there next year.
Nellie was hesitant about the cake at first, but as you can see she dug in after a while. She even shared with her mama. Nellie got a lot of great presents. I made her smash cake and it was… Um.. Failriffic. See?

Click for Sound Effect

Yyyyeah. It’s a sad little cake. It looks better than it did when I first made it, if you can believe it.

Nellie’s custom birthday onesie was made by my awesome & crafty friend, Rachel. She has also made Nellie various adorable hair bows, and even a hair bow holder. Because she is the bees’ knees.

My girl is 1. I can’t believe it. Her birthday was absolutely perfect.

Nellie Rose : 1 Year Old.

On January 20th, 2010 at 4:15 PM my life changed forever. A 7 lb 2 oz wailing child with a head full of dark hair came into my life and made me a mother.

Her name is Nellie Rose and today, January 20th, 2011 she turns 1 year old.

Here is a slideshow of her 1st year in pictures, set to music. It’s 15 minutes long and I understand if you don’t watch it all. It’s more for her when she gets older and for me and her daddy. But if you make it all the way through, thank you.

Some 1 Year Stats

  • 21 pounds
  • A little over 26 inches long
  • Wearing size 12 month clothes, but rapidly growing out of them
  • Pulling up and has brief moments of unassisted standing
  • Can say “mama” “dada” and sings “la la la la”.
  • Dances while sitting down.
  • Sleeps through the night.
  • Bottle-free; drinks from a sippy cup.
  • Is on cow’s milk.
  • Has four teeth (two top, two bottom)
  • Loves graham crackers, chicken, potatoes, carrots, green beans, yogurt, mandarin oranges.
  • Hates avocado, peaches, apricots.
  • Claps.
  • Raises arms when asked, “how big is Nellie?”
  • Gives kisses when asked.

It’s hard to believe that our daughter has been here for a year. The past 365 days have flown by almost as if they didn’t exist. I’ve been a mom for a year now. It hasn’t always been easy. It’s actually been pretty hard at times. I’ve laughed, cried, been frustrated, been sad, felt lonely.. But it’s always been worth it. When I see my daughter’s face light up with a grin, or when I get her going in a giggle fit, I could explode into a thousand pieces with happiness. The love I feel when I watch her sleep takes my breath away. As I remember the day I gave birth to my Nellie, I feel tears in my eyes. I smile thinking of all the memories that we have yet to make, and all the adventures we have yet to embark upon.

To my Nellie Rose:

Happy Birthday, my darling girl. I still remember how it felt to have you kicking me from inside. When I kiss you, I find true happiness and peace. Your laugh fills my soul from corner to corner. You have no idea how much I love you, darling babe. Thank you, thank you, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for choosing me to be your mother. It’s been an honor and I promise I will continue to do my best. You make me proud every second of every day.

One Chapter Ends..

And a new one begins. The Baby Chapter in my daughter’s life is coming to an end and her Toddler Chapter is about to begin.

Here I sit, on what I can consider my daughter’s last night as a baby. She’s not walking yet but she’s still a toddler. Tomorrow, I’ll have a toddler. The 7 lb 2 oz baby  that I gave birth to just one year ago is now a crawling, standing, babbling little girl. How did it go by so quickly? Did I stop and enjoy the little moments enough? Will I remember what it was like to cradle her in my arms and listen to her newborn grunts & snuffles a year from now?

I felt okay with everything until today. I really did. It’s just a birthday, I’d think. I’m blessed she gets a birthday.
And I know how blessed I am. I have a living child for whom to throw a party..

But about midday, I began to feel sad. And weepy. I looked at a few of her newborn pictures and almost started to cry. My child is almost a year old. I, like so many mothers before me, am running the gauntlet of emotions. Pride. Love. Sadness. Joy. Fear. Trepidation. Longing. It’s so hard, and confusing, and wonderful. I don’t know if I’m going to make it through her party tomorrow without crying.

We’re having a very small family party at my mother-in-law’s house. I’ll be armed with my camera, ready to capture every sweet moment.. Every smile, every taste of cake. Forever caught on film for me to re-visit as she grows. Today, I kept running through the last hours of my pregnancy in my mind. In a matter of hours, I’ll no longer be able to think, This time last year I was ____ weeks pregnant.

I’m excited for the new chapter in Nellie’s life to begin. I’m also sad for the one that is about to close. That stage of my baby’s life is gone forever. New adventures, memories, and moments await us and that thought makes me smile and anticipate what is yet to come.

But as I gaze upon the photos of  my daughter just moments after her birth, my heart can’t help but break just a little bit for those precious times that only exist now in my memory.

Keep me in your thoughts tomorrow, my friends. At 4:15 PM tomorrow, my child will officially be 1 year old.

Bye bye, baby. Hello toddler.

Wordless Wednesday: 1 Year Ago

January 19th, 2010. 40w2d. Less than 12 hours before going into labor.