More Visual Inspiration

I’m finding my “positive thinking” momentum slipping the closer AF’s due date comes near. So here’s some more positive visualization!

And this is what I’m going to be seeing next week, just in time for Josh’s birthday:

Yep. It’s true. It’s going to happen this month. I will be seeing a nice, sticky BFP, and will be having my sweet little baby at the end of June, 2009! This is my month!

Positive Thinking/Visualization

This will be it. This is going to be my month.

Calming down

I feel kind of sorry for anyone who may stumble upon this blog. I probably sound like a crazy woman. Some manic, bi-polar nutcase who goes from posting hysterical blogs about jealousy and anger toward pregnant women, to posting something like this. I apologize if you’re reading this and are frightened. It’ll be ok, I swear.

It’s time for some positive thinking. I’ve been trying really hard lately not only to renovate my body, but my mind and my soul as well. I am trying very hard to not be a negative thinker; and to appreciate the good I have in my life. So, here goes.

  • I am alive.
  • I am married to an amazing, funny, caring, sweet, protective, loyal man.
  • I am loved by him, and so many other people.
  • I have been doing very well in my exercise and nutrition goals.
  • I can feel the beginnings of tightening in my abs. My arms are more defined.
  • I’m about to eat my lunch. Food always makes me happy.
  • I was blessed, albeit briefly, with the presence of my very own personal miracle. I will never forget the joy I felt all the time when I was pregnant. I mean, all the time, I was happy.
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to become a stronger woman.
  • I have a magazine sitting beside me just waiting to be read (I love magazines).
  • The new Stephenie Meyer book is coming out in May.
  • I have a week of vacation scheduled in June, and another in September.
  • Spring is coming.

There we go. I feel better already.