Ten Things that Make Me Angry

The prompt I chose for this week’s Writer’s Workshop is “Ten Things That Make Me Angry”.

Mama’s Losin’ It

Oh, boy. There are so many things I could list here. There are so many really heavy things I could list here. Discrimination. Hate. That asshole that shot up the movie theatre in Colorado. But I try not to get overly heavy and doom and gloom here on my blog, so instead, I chose to try and keep this “angry list” light and funny. Here we go.

1. Orange cars. OH MY GOD. I hate orange cars. HATE. I actually just kind of overall hate the color orange. But every time I see an orange car I am all like RAGE WHY ARE YOU DRIVING A BIG GIGANTIC ORANGE? ORANGE IS FOR FRUIT. IT IS NOT FOR CARS. GET OFF MY ROAD.
2. Judge-y bumper stickers. I’m all for letting the world know who you are and where you stand by plastering sticky phrases all over your car. Sticker it up. Whatever. But when I see ones that are all “Marriage = Stick Figure Man + Stick Figure Woman” or “If you abort babies you’re going to hell” (ok I made that one up, but some stickers aren’t far from that) it makes me kind of stabby.

Maybe I’m just being hypocritical by saying I don’t want to see bumper stickers that contrast with my own personal and political beliefs, but whatever. It still makes me angry.
4. Bradford pear trees.

Wow, look at nature’s splendor! Harbingers of Spring! They’re so beautiful! You know what they also are? EVIL. They make my eyes water, my throat burn, and my face feel like it’s going to fall off. And the best part? Chattanooga is LOUSY with them. They’re usually the first things to bloom in the Spring. The parking lot outside my office is literally LINED with these things. GTFO TREES OF DEATH. GTFO.
5. People who say “working hard, or hardly working?”.

7. 100+ degree weather. I know almost everyone in the country feels me on this one. What’s the point of having weather that hot? THERE IS NO POINT. IT’S USELESS. It is conducive to NOTHING. No one enjoys walking outside and instantly being drenched in sweat. NO ONE. It just makes me irrationally angry and want to throw a tantrum.
8. When my iPhone takes too long to do something. I know, I know. It’s going into space. I should be a little patient. BUT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. It’s an IPHONE. GO. FASTER. I want my Facebook updates NOW. Not in 10 seconds. NOW.
9. People who interrupt. This one. OMFG this one. Nothing makes me angrier than a consistent interrupter. Like, when you’re talking, and they just butt right in and talk over you. I’m sorry. Are you deaf? Did you HEAR me talking? I know you did, because YOU JUMPED INTO MY CONVERSATION. There is no excuse for someone over the age of five to interrupt. It’s just bad manners. It makes me want to throw something at the interrupter. WAIT YOUR TURN.
10. Bad drivers. Because who likes bad drivers? Some idiot tried to zip into my lane the other day without looking and I wanted to chase her down and smack her. Tailgaters, people who drive too fast; if they’re bad, I can’t stand them. HULK SMASH.

Whew! I feel better venting all of those angry things. Thanks, Mama Kat, for giving me a platform and an excuse to be totally ranty on my blog.

What are some things that make you angry?