21st Century Furby: Electric Boogaloo

The original Furby came out in 1998 and although I was a little older than the target demographic for the toy, I still received one and absolutely loved it. It was black and white with a shock of pink hair – I named it Priscilla.
I still remember the insane hype that surrounded the toy.  If there was only one left at a store, parents would actually get in a tug-of-war style fight right there in the aisle over the must-have toy which I thought was crazy then buuuut I kind of get now. My kid wants a Furby? MINE. GIMME.

Fifteen years later, there’s a new and improved model of Furby. I was a little hesitant about getting it for Nellie, because once the Furby gets going, there’s no turning it off. Ever. It just keeps talking. I found myself wondering: do I really need TWO things  that talk incessantly in my house? I envisioned stocking up on beer and wine to go along with the new member of the family.

The Furby speaks only “Furbish” (its own made-up language) when it’s new, but as it grows up it learns more and more English words. The new Furby has updated technology, which means it’s equipped with a unique and changing personality.  It has sensors that respond to touch so it can tell when you are nice or mean to it and will adjust its personality to fit that.

I had no idea it was possible to find a toy that is so cute and so annoying at the same time, but Nellie seemed to love it when she saw it in the store. She seemed fascinated, delighted, and – let’s be honest – a little freaked out. But her reaction was more of fascination and delight. Like, at least 75% fascination and delight combined. That’s not bad, right?

We haven’t bought her a Furby yet, but I have definitely considered it. She has always been attracted to slightly “different” toys, movies, and games, so this unique little critter might be the perfect gift for our next outing to the toy store. Nellie may get a Furby and if she does, this mama will definitely be swinging by the store for some “mommy juice” to make the inevitable banter between the two of them a little more tolerable!

Did you have a Furby growing up? Will you/did you buy one for your kids? Have you gone insane yet?

This guest post was brought to you by Tesco.com, though I really did have a Furby named Priscilla that I loved with my whole heart.