On to Cycle #3

Well AF showed up.. Early to boot! I wasn’t predicted to start until yesterday, but she showed up on Thursday. Ah, well. I’m kind of glad she showed early; that way I didn’t have to be stressed at Six Flags worrying about whether or not I could ride coasters. That, and she showed up on CD 29 and that’s more normal for me than her predicted arrival on CD 32.

Speaking of Six Flags, we were there the day the kid got decapitated by the Batman ride. We weren’t anywhere near that part of the park when it happened though. We had just ridden Superman, and were walking toward the Gotham City part of the park, when we saw about 4 security guards standing at the top of the hill and not letting anyone in to that part of the park. I knew then something had to have been very wrong; that someone was either very hurt, or had gotten killed. I figured that there had been a nasty fight of some sorts. We heard the park staff paging a police chief that happened to be in the park at the time. It was only a little while later that our friend Ryan texted us to make sure we were OK, as the news had just said there was an “incident” on the Batman ride. We asked him to see if he could find out what had happened from searching online, and that’s when we heard someone had been killed. It was pretty crazy.

Anyway, we had a pretty good time at Six Flags. We didn’t get to ride very many things; we got there later than I wanted, it rained, and it was crowded.

In the matter of TTC, we’re on to cycle #3. I should be ovulating some time next week. I’m going to start our frequent BDing at some point this week just in case I ovulate way earlier than I’m expecting. I don’t think I’ll get any complaints from DH. 😉

I’m honestly not even sure I ovulated last cycle. I never saw any EWCM, and I didn’t get the O pains I normally do.

Ah, well. Here’s to an April 2009 baby!

Losin’ and Sneezin’

Well, this weekend was lazy. I took a day off on Friday because my legs were killing me, and I didn’t want to hurt them. I had all intentions on doing my Saturday morning cardio and yoga class, but unfortunately on Friday night after our Warhammer game my brother in law and I got really drunk. When Josh and I got home I wasn’t tired, and I ended up not going to bed until 7 AM. I was supposed to meet Michelle at the gym at 9:30. I texted her early on an told her that I was just going to skip Saturday. Bad Natalie!

I did go on Sunday, and weighed in. I’ve lost another pound. I’m now at 161.5. When I did my very first weigh in 6 weeks ago, I weighed 170. So, I’m making progress!

I’m going home sick today from work. I feel pretty bad… I have to wait an hour to an hour and a half. The coworker who relieves me for lunch, and covers for me when I’m out sick and what have you has some things to be done early this morning. I don’t mind; I’m just glad that I’m going to get to go home.

Nothing really else to report… Today is a rest day, so I don’t have to feel badly about being sick and not making it to the gym. Back to it tomorrow..

Good morning

I had a very good weekend… I got some good exercise in, ate a few too many bad foods (I wasn’t horrible but I also was not as good as I should have been), and didn’t really feel badly about it. I played Warhammer Saturday night with my husband, brother in law, and our friends, and my character died within an hour and a half of gameplay. I didn’t mind; I really did not care for her.

We played again Sunday, with me rolling up a new character whom I like way better than my last.

That’s enough gaming talk.

I weighed in Saturday at 162.5, which puts me at a 7 1/2 pound weight loss in 5 weeks. Not bad. I’m getting impatient because while my clothes are fitting better, I’m still not at the point where I need new pants. Most of the change I can see is in my upper body; my arms and whatnot. My thighs are still gigantic. I didn’t get a chance to measure myself, so hopefully this coming weekend I’ll get to and I’ll see a change.

Today is my rest day, which is good. I’m feeling kind of sore. Ugh. I am putting off doing these stupid monthly summaries for work. If you saw them and the work involved, you’d be putting them off, too. I’m not sure how much longer I can stay in this job, doing the things I do, for this pay. Even if they paid me more, I don’t think I’d want to stay here much longer.