I feel rotten today. I’m feeling very queasy in the stomach. I’m not getting my hopes up about this symptom because my husband is at home right now because he was puking all night. More than likely it’s the beginnings of whatever it is he has.

This morning my coffee tasted funny but I think it’s because of the new sweetener I put in it. I bought a box of Stevia in the Rough; Stevia is a natural no-cal sweetener. It’s supposed to taste more natural of Splenda, so I thought I’d try it. I think maybe it has a bitter taste at first because my coffee just tasted awful.

My CM has been consistently creamy for the past few days, which I am indifferent about. I know that it’s not unusual for copious amounts of creamy CM to be a sign of pregnancy, but I also know that it’s very typical for my body to produce a lot before AF. I’m now on CD24.

On a completely unrelated note, I opened my inbox today to be pleasantly surprised. I have been writing to a website called Helium which is a resource for people who enjoy writing. You can write various articles about countless matters. I have written about eight articles, and was informed today that a publisher has bought one of my articles for $5.00! I don’t know which article yet, but that’s really exciting. I’m a published writer, and I got paid for it! Woo hoo!

I also found out that we are receiving $300 more on our tax refund than I thought we would, and it is getting deposited into our bank account tomorrow!

It’s been a pretty good two days, even if I don’t feel well and feel barfy. Just a few more days to go ’till either AF shows her head or I get a nice surprise.

In other news

In other news, I passed my audition for the Sweet Adelines last Tuesday. Obama won the Presidency that night, as you all already know, which was extremely exciting. Last Wednesday was a very good day for me. I was in high spirits all day, partially because I passed my audition and partially because I felt so good about our new President-Elect.

Over the weekend, I attended a retreat with my new chorus sisters, and it was a really great and wonderful experience. We worked hard all day with a vocal coach, and we played hard that night. We shared a bonfire with an Episcopalian men’s chorus that were at the retreat the same time we were. Myself, and two other girls around my age Stephanie and Christina stuck together most of the evening. The three of us sang around the bonfire, in three-part harmony. I don’t think I can describe the excitement and happiness I feel now that I have friends that I can sing with. Music has always been a very big part of my life, and having girlfriends that I can share that with is amazing.

The ladies in the chorus officially voted me in on Saturday, and when I came back into the room after the voting was over, they were lined up and began singing a welcoming song to me while they took turns giving me hugs. It was a really special, and quite overwhelming experience!

Last night was the Coldplay concert. It was a really good show. Our seats were really, really terrible, and I find myself a little disappointed that I didn’t spend more money for better seats. I felt really detached from the whole experience of the concert. Even though I screamed my lungs out, and still got to see the band, I have been feeling really wistful all day, wishing I’d had better seats. I made a vow to myself that if I ever get the chance to see them again, I will splurge for better seats.

I’ve found a website that I have become a little addicted to, thanks to my friend Ryan. He’s been writing on a website called Helium for a while now. It’s a website for writers; you can find subject matters that you are passionate about, or are educated in, and write articles. From there, people vote on how helpful, relevant, or well-liked the article is, and your article is ranked. People can actually buy your article from that website; my friend just had his first article bought the other day.

I have written two articles thus far; one on the argument of going to see a movie in the theatre vs. renting one at home. There are 56 articles written on my side of the argument (that theatre is better), and yesterday my article was ranked #29. Today when I logged in, my article was ranked #4. #4!!!!!! Do you know how exciting that is? The other article I wrote was about life after a miscarriage. Yesterday it was #5 out of 5, and today, it is #1. I’m hooked on this website. The subject matters are literally everything from how to get grass stains out of a sweater, to debates on the war in Iraq. I’m really proud of my two little articles thus far, even if they aren’t the most groundbreaking pieces of work ever written.

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on lately. I’m through with the TTC heartbreak. I can’t do it anymore, I’ve been so obsessive for so long and it hasn’t yielded results, so maybe a more carefree approach will help. We’re still going to BD as much as we can around O time, but I’m through with everything else. When it’s my time to be a mommy, it will happen. I just have to take a deep breath, be patient, and let go.